not your typical annihilatrix (furiosity) wrote,
not your typical annihilatrix


Happy birthday, Canada! ♥

I am celebrating the day by working so I can take tomorrow off. >.> But boss just said we get to leave early today, so yay! :D

Regarding the racist (apparently with bonus sexism!) Avatar: The Last Airbender film going into wide release today: what they said. Also, the scores showing up on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes seem to indicate it's not worth spending your money on at any rate. I gotta admit it's gratifying to see Paramount's "we chose the best actors for the job" excuse be revealed as the vapid bullshit it always was. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AN AMAZING MOVIE, YOU FUCKING JERKS. >:|
Tags: canada, movies, politics

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