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I can't do a TGIF poll today because I am miserable for various reasons and I twisted my ankle pretty badly earlier, and a pushy asshat salesperson just pissed me off beyond all belief. The conversation went like this:

Me: Good afternoon, thank you for calling [company], how may I assist you?
Him: Would the owner of the company be available?
Me: *thinking, if you don't know his name, you have no business speaking with him, and besides I can hear him on the phone in the other room* I'm sorry, he's just on another call at the moment; may I offer to take a message or put you through to his voice mail?
Him: We develop websites and we want to offer blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
Me: We appreciate your time, but we already have a Web provider we're very happy with.
Him: You're just the receptionist, you don't get to tell me that. Let me speak to the owner.
Me: No, actually, I am [my actual managerial job title] and we do not have a receptionist. Have a pleasant afternoon. *click*


So I declare today early Caturday; let's post some cats. I'll start.

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