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Answers to the Top 5 meme - Part 2

I am not at work today because last night I was in a fender-bender (my fault) and had to go to the police station this morning LIKE AN ADULT and then call my insurance company LIKE AN ADULT, and then drive to the body shop LIKE AN ADULT and discuss the estimate LIKE AN ADULT (and also offer them cash to fix a door-dent in my front right fender that SOME ASSHOLE put there when I was parked somewhere. LIKE AN ADULT!). No one was injured and both vehicles are drivable; I am just really shaken up because WTF UNIVERSE, THREE IN LESS THAN A YEAR? SERIOUSLY? Now I have to call my boss LIKE AN ADULT and let him know that I will also be an hour late on Monday since I have to go drop off Bella at the body shop and pick up my rental LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING ADULT.

In sum, I'd rather be working, but instead I am going to clean ALL the things. So no TGIF poll, but there are some more meme top 5 answers.

These are NOT in comment order; I'll answer the rest tomorrow. ♥ (part 1).

For anisaex: Favorite fandom pairings (any fandom)

Ichigo/Ishida [Bleach]
Harry/Draco [Harry Potter]
Gokudera/Yamamoto [Reborn]
Neo/Trinity [The Matrix]
Aragorn/Arwen [Lord of the Rings]

For teaberryblue: Things I think ought to be Pez dispenser toppers

Chappy [Bleach]
Hibird [Reborn]
Timcampi [D.Gray-man]
Sodomu [Uraboku]
Plue [Fairy Tail]

For uminohikari: Cartoons

Ну, погоди! (Just You Wait!)
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Tom and Jerry
Трое из Простоквашино (Three from Buttermilk Village)
The Simpsons

For wook77: HP Con moments

Getting lost in Salem during TWH, amidst unhelpful shopkeepers, on our way to the Queerditch Pub gathering. [2005]
The crack panel at Lumos. [2006]
Fandom Town Meetings on and around the Ugly Orange Carpet at Prophecy. [2007]
Toasting in memory of anjenue at Terminus [2008]
Hanging out in your room at Azkatraz! [2009] ♥

For sorrylatenew: HP fanarts

Hold/touch by scarletscarlet [H/D]
These Nineteen Years by djinniyah [H/D]
Is this the moment? by reallycorking [Ron/Hermione]
Unrequited by lillithium [H/D]
Auror Harry and Draco by buttfacemakani [go here and click the appropriate link; not linking to the DA version because this is the only page on DeviantArt that anyone needs to see.] [Harry and Draco]

For orexisbella: Breakfast foods

Omelette made with wild mushrooms pre-cut and soaked overnight in 80-proof rum.
Russian pancakes (блины) with egg-and-green-onion filling
茶漬け [Chazuke]
Buckwheat porridge

For mellafe: Fanfiction scenarios (to read or write)

Memory loss
Life in the underground resistance movement
Precious item/person retrieval

For longleggedgit: Alcoholic drinks

Kir Royal
Champagne (my favourite is Törley Muscateller Doux)
Berliner Weiße (with woodruff syrup)
Rum-based cocktails. I like rum. Why is it gone?
Hot Nihonshu.

For grey_hunter: Most loathed words/phrases/stereotypes in writing

Pointless alliteration.
"[get the] creative juices flowing" -- This phrase squicks me unbelievably; I have no idea why, but I cringe every time I see it in print/on-screen.
"lave" -- See above.
"ministrations" when applied in reference to sex. It makes everything sound like a game of Doctor to me.
Healing Cock -- i.e. Character A is distressed, and Character B having sex with him/her is a panacea for the distress. Especially if said distress is caused by sexual assault. Even worse if the sexual assault was committed by Character B in the first place. No words for how much I loathe this.

ETA: part 3.
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