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Bleach 418

Deicide 20

Ok it's official; if the Deicides aren't counting up to the end of this arc, I will eat my computer. maybe.

Ohh, so you can discard your reiatsu and convert it into pure badassery. That explains SO MUCH about Ichigo so far, combined with his utter inability to read/sense other people's reiatsu. xD

Also, Ichigo's eyes are totally clear, in contrast to Aizen's, which are like Ichigo's eyes used to be when he used his mask. Also, Ichigo doesn't appear to be masked! Why is this. I want to see the flashback to the fight he had with ZangeThingy. *toddler fists*

OK, Aizen, now you are just being annoying. "Mwa ha ha, I am the prettiest most powerful! ph33r my butterfly fu!"

And Ichigo is like, "yeah, whatevs". I... kind of love Ichigo a lot. :3 Did you know? :D?

This whole chapter can be basically summed up with:

Aizen: >:D! >:D!!!!!!
Ichigo: :|

...only, you know, with more billowing smoke and bishies.


Wah. I can't even. *_*
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