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and thus i declare this year's kvetching season open

First, a meme from jetamors:

1. Grab a book near you.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don't dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet. Just pick up whatever is closest.
The theme is not always the subject in a sentence. An object, time definition or place definition can be used as the theme of a sentence. Carefully observe the following examples.
Japanese Step by Step by Gene Nishi

Second, I am cranky, so

0001 - Some genius has been trying to log into Facebook using my fandom gmail address. That's... not the address I am actually registered at Facebook with. Also, I hate Facebook and log in maybe three times a year.

0010 - I am not reading at DW. That includes all entries cross-posted to LJ with comments only enabled on DW. Maybe after the aggressive DW evangelism subsides a bit, I'll go back to the site again.

0011 - As much as I love reading fan theories and discussions, I am going to stay the fuck away from Bleach forums and comms (for good this time). I wouldn't mind if they were just wanky (which they are, oh my God); at least that's entertaining. But the amount of hate for the series, the story, the characters, and/or creator is beyond what I've ever seen in any other fandom, and just. DO NOT WANT.

0100 - What the fuck is it with "I judge you if you [insert completely arbitrary matter that comes down to personal taste/preference]"? Whenever I wander over to F!S I see secrets that say this, and it makes no fucking sense to me. If you seriously think it's a good move to estimate people's worth or quality of character based on their fannish likes/dislikes, that has really creepy DNW thought-police vibes, JSYK.

(I'm using 'fannish' deliberately here; obviously if someone likes kicking puppies or breaking people's teeth, that's really all you ever need to know about that person, but even then their character is defined by the act; the enjoyment just adds insult to (literal) injury. Then again, I should really stop expecting logic in fandom.)

0101 - I've tried to understand it for years, but I realise I will probably forever remain bewildered as to how it's feminist or even a little bit progressive to belittle and scorn real women in order to defend fictional ones. Yeah, yeah, tone argument; eat me.

0110 - Oh yeah, while we're on the subject of logic fail, that reminds me of D*Con. Which I loved, by the way, but there were some irritating things. The pre-registration queue was split up at the booths by the first letter of people's surnames, and while the B, C, and S lines were long and tedious, the attendants at the TUVW and XYZ booths sat around eating sandwiches and shooting the shit. Because they had these thick binders with people's names, see, and the binders were separated by letter at the actual booths, so people could only sign for receipt of their badge at the correct booth. Because heaven forbid they try to speed up progress and pass a binder from the RS booth to the TUVW or XYZ booth for two seconds so an S person can sign while another S person is waiting for their badge. I mean, that would have required moving the binders a whole two feet. It's best to just eat sandwiches and stare at the frustrated, cranky people who have stood in line for 3 hours (2 hours in Atlanta summer heat, 1 hour in the barely air-conditioned ballroom).

0111 - Also while poking around F!S comment threads, I've come across derision for the "you don't know me" sentiment. Like:

A: "Person X wrote a story casting Character Y in a good light."
B: "Oh, she likes Character Y? She must be a bad mother."
X: Excuse me, but you don't know me at all, where the fuck do you get off saying I'm a bad mother?
B: BAWW YOU DON'T KNOW MEEEEEE~~ Cry moar, loser.

like omg how dare anyone suggest that you might not have all the information about another person to form an accurate opinion of them! But no, wait, that would be logic again. My bad. Opinions rooted in actual fact are for sissies.

1000 - A poster I saw in the Atlanta airport said that women were the planet's largest untapped resource. There was a picture of a black (possibly African) woman in a colourful headdress (of course!) and I don't even remember what the poster was actually trying to advertise. Even aside from using an image of a black woman to send the message that human women are like water or firewood in a way, I just couldn't get past "untapped". Did they mean "underpaid"? Or are there exciting new ways in which we can bend over backwards to serve the menz? Boy oh boy.

1001 - Also at D*Con I was eyeing a Friday panel on writing and marketing m/m fiction but didn't go, because I was too concerned that it would be full of fail. I also remember skipping several race- and gender-related panels/workshops at Comic Con because I was concerned about potential fail. In this case I didn't want to take the chance that either a panelist or an audience member would whine some more about how poor straight women writers are ever so oppressed by the LGBT writers who don't want straight women to have shiny awards meant for queers! And I realise I'm irritated by something that may not have actually happened, but I'm mostly annoyed because cons have never been political to me.

1010 - Animanga snobs are beyond irritating. If you don't like shounen, don't read/watch it; it's real easy to avoid. Nobody but you wants to hear your opinion on it over and over again. No, really. If I have to sit through emotionless fluff like Haruhi to be a ~discerning fan~, I'd rather remain an unwashed plebe and still have "Why didn't you take me with you, Yoruichi-sama?" and "I'm glad I said sorry", thanks.

1011 - In the past year and a half, lolspeak has become mangled to the point where it's not funny anymore, just sad. It used to be that roughly half of all lolcats were funny, but it's been weeks since an ICHC macro actually made me laugh. It also annoys me that they're selling and aggressively promoting lolcat merchandise.

1100 - This ignorant-ass comment. IT SAYS THE FUCKING COUNTRY RIGHT IN YOUR SCREENSHOT, YOU UNFORTUNATE CREATURE. Latvia is not part of Russia and has not been for over a decade. I'm not sure if I should also be irritated by the wiki-wielding champion for truth in the replies (being ignorant about white people from another part of the world is not racist; it's ethnocentric).

1101 - I started to read an article in the Globe and Mail about some famous actor's wife taking him to the cleaners in court, or something, then I got bored and glanced at the comments. One of the ones near the top was something along the lines of "women should all be ashamed that such a person is one of their number". This was weeks ago, and I still kind of want someone to get this guy out of the human gene pool.

1110 - What's been irritating you lately?

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  • Happy Holidays! <3

  • -_-

    wow over a decade in various fandoms and NOW some dipshit plagiarises something I wrote? good grief.

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  • Happy Holidays! <3

  • -_-

    wow over a decade in various fandoms and NOW some dipshit plagiarises something I wrote? good grief.

  • braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains

    I was going to do a year in review meme but apparently I am in no mood to Look Back On My Life This Year in any amount of detail. Personally it's…