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Bleach 419

Deicide 21 - Transcendent God Rock

I guess Kubo's in the remixing spirit? >.>

Computer: $2000
Internet connection: $30/month
Buying this manga volume when it comes out: ~$12 CAD
Aizen's "wtf is this shit" face: priceless.

Aizen's shouty face: pricelesser.

(Ahh I do not understand; why do people keep calling Ichigo a mere human. HE IS CLEARLY NOT JUST A HUMAN. IF HE WERE, HE WOULD HAVE DIED AFTER MEETING HIS FIRST HOLLOW, THE END. >.>)

And then of course Aizen grew a third eye which turned into a zipper and made his butterfly wings sprout a pair of eyes and multiple Hollow heads (and his torso grow two more holes). Creepy.

Aha, see, he does not appear to be wearing clothes, but he also appears to lack a dick. No wonder he's so mad. And long-winded.

... is this some kind of aftereffect of whatever Aizen is doing or did Kubo just randomly switch up his art style? :O

Yay, the final Getsuga Tenshou. I guess that means next week we'll see a flashback to the Dangai training. :3 :3
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