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stick art /o\

8059 for myrafur:

Naruto/Hinata/NEJI :P for masakochan:

Vel and f in Japan! Which is totally a fandom! >.> for goneril:

Fudge/Bowler Hat - it was love at first sight (for one of them) for pokeystar:

Neo meets Adam Lambert meets Harry Potter for denitta:

Ron/Pansy for slytherincesss:

XS for imadra_blue:

ICHIGO AND MISS ALBIE AS BFFs for elizardbits and incognito:

Urahara interacting with Kenpachi in any way or form! for ideoteca:

Urahara and Gintoki hanging out... probably eating for incapricious:

Edward from Twilight with HP on lions ♥ lambs, emo, sparkle, what-have-you :P for oddnari:

Kurosaki Ichigo, Roronoa Zoro, Yamamoto Takeshi on sword styles for pectus_pectoris:

Draco/Eminem. Rap music for jehnt (lol most epic flashback to 2005 >.>):

Harry watching/reading/cosplaying Bleach for drusillas_rain:

Ну, погоди, Поттер! for grey_hunter:

Draco meets (Ichimaru) Gin for karaz:

Hibari meets Hisagi for anathema91:

Tags: crack, fandom:ai, fandom:bleach, fandom:gintama, fandom:khr, fandom:matrix, fandom:naruto, fandom:op

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