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0001 - I'm 3 episodes into the 3rd season of 今日から㋮王! (Kyō Kara Maō!). I like it. It does not elicit paroxysms of squee like Bleach and Gintama do, but... I think the closest I can come to characterising my enjoyment is that it's like a decent fanfic: melodramatic but not too over-the-top, most characters are stock-type but interesting, the storyline is predictable but fun to follow along.

Though, those of you who have recced this to me in the past characteristing the Yuuri/Wolfram relationship as similar to Harry/Draco, you guys are so on notice. >:O! The only resemblances to Harry and Draco are that Yuuri has black hair and Wolfram is a drama queen (and sure, he's blond, but he's not white-blond :P). As pairings go, I'm most intrigued by Cecilie/Raven, Yuuri/Conrad, and Shin'ō/Daikenja, tbh.

0010 - Speaking of Harry and Draco, did the memo that they're enemies who don't like each other just totally get lost in the winds of time? So much D:-face whenever I decide to find a fic to read. Do not want. Are there any recent and well-done stories (sans sex pollen plot devices) where their mutual dislike is actually a barrier to their interaction rather than a hazy memory (or handwaved away)? Porn optional and in fact not actively encouraged.

0011 - Semi-relatedly, I've noticed that the R/S stories sent in as hot recs to the daily_snitch are more often than not rated PG-13 or lower -- whereas recs sent in for other slash pairings (most notably Snarry, Snupin, and H/D) are most frequently R and higher. Is there less porn written in R/S, or is non-sexual character interaction just more appreciated by R/S fen, or...? (Or are the fics that get sent in as hot recs simply exceptions? Also possible.)

0100 - I am completely in love with Aya Hirano's voice (the most recent thing I'm watching with her is Fairy Tail). As much as I dislike Death Note, I might watch the anime just to hear her take on Misa.

0101 - I know something you don't know. Mwee hee hee! >:D
Tags: fandom, fandom:hp, random
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