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ETA: FictionAlley has withdrawn from the Pepsi Refresh project

Wow, I just. I just saw this post linked from wank report, and I'm, wow, I am just floored. Fiction Alley is applying for a corporate grant to help keep the site running.

Setting aside the fact that a fan fiction site is asking for $25K from a huge corporate entity, which I think has serious problems in itself, but like I said, leaving that aside. They're doing so in a project tier where other ideas asking for funding are things like fighting human trafficking, building wheelchair ramps, animal welfare, school programmes, disaster preparation in susceptible areas, etc.

Er, I really, I don't know about you guys, I love HP and fandom, but I would rather see an animal shelter survive another year than any Harry Potter fansite. I mean, I might be the one with my priorities fucked up here, but you know what, I really don't think so.

I've run a fansite and I know how much time and effort it takes, especially when a community of members is involved, so I'm not saying that FA doesn't deserve any help whatsoever just because it's a mere fic archive (and not a site dedicated to saving puppies). I just think it's really fucked up that they're seeking aid from this particular source.

We are really sorry that you don't think it's cool. (from the e-mail in the linked post) -- as in, we're sorry you fail to see how cool it is. What the actual bleeding fuck.

And there are far more sources of funding available to starving children in Africa than there are to fan-oriented websites (from a quote by a FA admin on the wank report thread) -- Jesus H Christ, you all know I am not the most sensitive person in the world, but if I read this and wince at how callous it is, you really couldn't try to be more vile. Emotion aside, just purely from a logical standpoint -- the mere fact that children are continuing to starve in Africa means there are obviously not enough funding sources to help them. D:

I get that FA caters to a fannish crowd that on the whole doesn't boast huge amounts of disposable income (i.e. students), and that they have already asked their own community to donate (and it's just not enough), but what happened to fandom auctions, to turning to other fansites to help spread the word and get more donations? What happened to researching less expensive hosting options -- or, again, appealing to the community base or the wider fandom to see if there's anyone who can help with hosting/upkeep?

Um, am I wrong? Is there something I'm just not seeing here that makes a Harry Potter fan community deserving of funds that would otherwise be used to help people or animals in actual, possibly dire, need?

ETA: A post about this is up at unfunnybusiness.
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