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Answers to the meme from the other day -- thank you so much for playing, you guys! This was fun.

I've taken the liberty of changing the numbers in the questions to names and matching pronouns to the characters just so it's all easier to read.

My lists:
01. Arya Stark [A Song of Ice and Fire]
02. Penelope Garcia [Criminal Minds]
03. Rand al'Thor [Wheel of Time]
04. Ellen Ripley [Alien series]
05. Draco Malfoy [Harry Potter]
06. Trinity [The Matrix series]
07. Brian Kinney [Queer as Folk (US)]
08. Jon Snow [A Song of Ice and Fire]
09. Ginny Weasley [Harry Potter]
10. Susan Ivanova [Babylon 5]
11. Aviendha [Wheel of Time]
12. Harry Potter [Harry Potter]
13. Éowyn [Lord of the Rings]
14. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes [Lost]
15. Starbuck (Kara Thrace) [Battlestar Galactica]
01. Erza Scarlet [Fairy Tail]
02. Nara Shikamaru [Naruto]
03. Hyuuga Hinata [Naruto]
04. Mogami Kyouko [Skip Beat!]
05. Sakata Gintoki [Gintama]
06. Kuchiki Rukia [Bleach]
07. Riza Hawkeye [Fullmetal Alchemist]
08. Hibari Kyouya [Reborn!]
09. Hijikata Toushirou [Gintama]
10. Kagura [Gintama]
11. Kurosaki Ichigo [Bleach]
12. Lucy Heartfilia [Fairy Tail]
13. Nico Robin [One Piece]
14. Shihouin Yoruichi [Bleach]
15. Dino Cavallone [Reborn!]

For mya_in_ab: If Shikamaru and Riza got into a fight, what would the fight probably be about?
Most likely military protocol and discipline. Riza would be horrified at how much the Konoha shinobi get away with!

Robin has a crush on Hijikata. That's because Hijikata has the most beautiful...what?
Singing voice. XD

Erza has accidently released a boxful of cards of great powerful awesomeness to the world! Erza managed to hold onto powerful card- which was it, Hinata or Kyouko? And why was she so entranced by it?
It's Kyouko, because of her brilliant pink Love Me outfit. Erza doesn't have one of those yet.

It's so frustrating! Why won't Rukia evolve into Lucy yet??
Because Rukias evolve into Hisanas, not Lucys! xD

Dino is an interior decorator. But Yoruichi doesn't want to hire them to decorate her house because...?
She doesn't want portraits of Hibari all over her house.

Kagura gets defenestrated out of a blimp window. What is Ichigo's plan to save her (if he wants to save her at all)?
Ichigo has a saving people thing, so he definitely wants to save her, so he's going to just jump out after her and hope for the best. And then Kagura will beat the shit out of him for thinking she couldn't take care of herself.

Gintoki, Hibari and Lucy are kids going to play a prank on Shikamaru. What sort of prank is it, and will they actually be able to pull it off?
Lucy pretends to be caught in a tree and unable to get down, and when Shikamaru gets close enough, Gintoki and Hibari (sitting in trees on either side of Lucy's), pull up a net to trap Shikamaru. It doesn't work, of course, because Shikamaru notices them before they see him coming and traps them both with his Shadow Possession technique.

What Hogwarts houses are Erza and Dino in?
Gryffindor, both of them.

Riza is curled up at home in a coughing ball of misery. What movie do they watch to pass the time/cheer up?
Definitely Lassie!

That's it! Robin and Yoruichi can't take it anymore! They're no longer working under Gintoki and are heading out into the world to make their way as a...?
(OMG LMAO THAT WOULD BE THE BEST YOROZUYA LINE-UP EVER) They bully Urahara into starting a rival jack-of-all-trades business and steal all of Gintoki's customers!

Hinata does her clothing at a laundromat. When Rukia goes to use the dryer after Hinata, she finds what questionable items left behind?
A pair of frog-patterened underwear and a mesh undershirt decorated at the bottom with tiny embroidered foxes.

Riza, Hibari and Hijikata are guests on 'The Dating Game', each vying for the hand of the unseen Kyouko. Who's the smooth one who'll win her heart? Or will they all fail?
They all fail miserably because none of them remotely resemble Tsuruga Ren.

For jetamors: Would Erza be more likely to get together with Riza or Kagura? Why?
Hmm, probably Riza, first of all because Kagura is underage and second of all because I think Riza and Erza have very similar personalities.

What would Dino's Patronus be?
His patronus? A horse.

There's a closed-room murder mystery involving Shikamaru, Hibari, Robin, Ichigo, and Kyouko. Who was murdered? Who was the murderer? Who solved the mystery? What were the other two doing during the investigation?
Ahh this is hard. Kyouko is murdered by Robin because Robin mistook her for an assassin. Shikamaru is definitely the one who solves the mystery. Hibari and Ichigo miss the whole thing due to an extended brawl to establish territory dominance.

For hamsterwoman: Draco, Brian, and Hurley are involved in a love triangle. Who is competing with whom for whose affection? How is it all resolved.
Draco and Hurley are competing for Brian's affection, but Brian is of course not interested in either of them, so they both slink off to their respective universes and never meet again. xD

Trinity owes Harry a life debt. How did these circumstances come about? How do Trinity and Harry feel about this? How does Trinity pay him back?
Trinity was being chased by Agents through the murky back alleys of a certain London district, where Harry happened to be lurking on a Super Important Auror Stake-Out. An Agent's bullet was about to go through Tirnity's head when Harry deflected it with magic. Trinity doesn't have any special feelings about it since she is too busy running away from more Agents. She doesn't pay him back, either, because there's actually no such thing as a life debt between a wizard and a Muggle. As for Harry, he still can't figure out how a Muggle disappeared into a public telephone.

What does Jon cook for Garcia when he invites her over for dinner?
He finds out what she likes and cooks that.

For geewhiz: What would Trinity do with a suitcase full of untraceable currency?
Absolutely nothing, since the currency has zero value to her -- if she needs anything, she can just load it in the Construct.

For karaz: Arya cuts Draco's hair. How did this come about and what were the results?
Draco lost a bet on a Quidditch match and had to agree to get his hair cut by Arya. She tries to give him a spiked-out anime style but only ends up shaving half his hair off.

Garcia is making something for Ripley's birthday. What is it and how is it received?
A tablet computer loaded with all the data on the aliens ever collected, official and *cough* unofficial. Ripley appreciates it very much!

Hurley is living with Aviendha. Who decorated the house and who gets the big bedroom (or do they share?)
Aviendha lets Hurley have the big bedroom since she has no need of wetlander luxuries. But she puts her foot down in terms of decorating and allows no trinkets or action figures on display.

Erza saves the life of Hibari. Why and how?
The 10-Year Bazooka malfunctions again and Hibari somehow ends up in Fiore instead of 10 years later. Unluckily for him, he lands right in the middle of a traditional Fairy Tail brawl, and makes the mistake of tonfa-ing Demon!Mira-Jane when she comes at him, believing him to be Gray. Erza, who is not participating, notices that Hibari wasn't there a few moments ago and pulls him out of the melee to question him. Mira-Jane doesn't even notice he's gone and goes after the real Gray, who has no idea why she's so angry.

Gintoki and Riza are in a death match. Who wins and how?

Rukia and Robin have just realised they are related. How and how do they feel about it?
Living!Rukia's mother came from a long line of seafaring adventurers, and she is the great-great-great-great granddaughter of Robin's, so Rukia is her great-great-great-great-great granddaughter. Rukia wants to meet Robin, but Robin's spirit is currently inhabiting a human so Rukia has to wait until she dies again to seek her out.

For scrtkpr: Ginny has suddenly and unexpectedly abandoned previous life goals and wants Harry to join her in a new pursuit. What new life course is Ginny pursuing, and how does Harry respond to the request?
Ginny decides to become a pirate huntress! Harry is amused and gets himself reassigned to marine detail in the Auror department so he can accompany Ginny on her voyages. :D

Rand is desperately in love with Ivanova, and no one has a clue except Starbuck. How did Starbuck figure this out, and what, if anything, does Starbuck say or do about it?
She's noticed that Rand's been timing his days off to match Ivanova's and lurking inconspicuously wherever Ivanova happened to be on those days. Starbuck does nothing; she's having trouble enough trying to figure out how to get off Babylon 5 and back to Galactica. xD

Aviendha is soon to become a parent, through pregnancy or adoption. Hurley is throwing a baby shower, and Rand, Ripley, Ginny, Ivanova, Harry, and Starbuck are all choosing to attend. What, if any, baby shower games did Hurley devise, who wins the games, and what gifts did everyone bring?
Hurley hosts a Star Wars themed baby shower with all the games having to do with birth lineages for the most obscure characters, which of course no one wins. Rand brings a ter'angreal that allows a baby to bond its mother as Warder whether the baby can channel or not, Ripley brings an Alien Safety Kit that will enable Aviendha to outfit the baby in a way that'll prevent facehuggers from attaching themselves to it; Ivanova brings a Baby on Bridge sticker for Aviendha's spaceship, Harry and Ginny bring a set of Self-Changing Nappies and a bottle of SkeleGro (also aids teething!), and Starbuck brings a mobile with miniature Vipers.

For hollyxu: Kyouko does not know how to do something really mundane, and it frustrates the hell out of her.
Fucking Google, how does it work?

Lucy visits the zoo. What happens?
She summons Loki for some company while there, and Loki gets super offended that she wants him to look at animals in cages.

Hijikata is trapped inside an iPhone, as in, he is in control of an iPhone and can do everything it does, etc.
He destroys the phone from the inside because there is no app for having a smoke.

What is Dino's daemon shape and name?
A viperfish named Decem.

For pectus_pectoris: What is Jon's most prized possession?
I don't think Ghost counts as a possession, so I'll say Longclaw.

Between Draco and Trinity, who would be a better cook?
Well, I think they'd both be pretty abysmal, all things considered, but Draco would probably edge Trinity out only because he can cheat and use magic.

If Arya, Ripley, Brian and Ivanova were members of Gotei 13, which Divisions would they belong to?
Arya - Second Division, because special ops are right up her alley.
Ripley - Twelfth Division, because researching the aliens and figuring out a way to stop them takes priority over everything.
Brian - Sixth Division, because it has the hottest captain.
Ivanova - First Division, because it's the best organised.

What would Erza find most annoying about Riza?
That Riza won't tell her what the tattoo on her back means.

If Hinata, Gintoki, Hibari and Hijikata were members of a American football team, what position would each play? (These are all offense only :P)
Hinata - running back; she can find paths with her Byakugan and she's the fastest in the bunch.
Gintoki - quarterback; he's the smartest of the bunch.
Hibari - offensive tackle, because I doubt he could be taught to do anything else. *shot*
Hijikata - offensive guard; it's most fitting for his personality.

What would make Shikamaru cry?
If anything happened to Kurenai or her baby.

If Kyouko, Rukia, and Kagura were competing in a swimming race, who would win? Who would come last?
Kagura would win and Kyouko would be dead last. Normal humans are rarely a match for Amanto and spiritual beings!

For elanorofcastile: Arya, Rand, Ripley, Ginny and Hurley form a pop band. Who's shagging whom (if anyone)? Who is the first to leave to start a solo career singing adult contemporary with a saxophone and synth backing track?
No one is shagging anyone, but Rand decides that the others are way too upbeat and life-hungry to understand his poor tortured soul, so he takes his saxophone and splits off.

Erza, Hinata, Kyouko, Hijikata and Yoruichi form a pop band. Who's shagging whom (if anyone)? Who is the first to leave to start a solo career singing adult contemporary with a saxophone and synth backing track?
Yoruichi is shagging all the girls, and that is the main reason Hijikata leaves for his solo career. >:D

You invite Lucy, Rukia, and Riza along for sushi adventures with anathema91. Who is the first one to get kicked out of the restaurant and why?
I am, for nosebleeding in fountains all over the other customers. Like Sanji.

For lunylucy: Brian and Aviendha end up in Ripley's universe (and meet Ripley, I guess). What's their course of action?
Brian hides in the nearest acid-proof container while Aviendha joins Ripley in destroying the aliens!

M/F/K: you choose from Arya, Garcia, & Rand.
Marry: Garcia
Fuck: Arya (um, when she's of age XD)
Kill: Rand

If Jon was an internet meme, what would he be?
Sad Keanu.

For ideoteca: What does Lucy regularly do before falling asleep?
Check to make sure Natsu hadn't fallen asleep in her bed again.

What does Riza feel fiercely protective about?
Roy Mustang. :">

When annoyed, is Hijikata more likely to kill Ichigo, or have a de-stressing shag with Gintoki?
Definitely a destressing shag with Gintoki. It's practically canon! (see icon xD)

If Dino had a catchphrase, what would it be?
L'unione fa la forza (there's strength in unity)

What's Hinata's secret guilty pleasure?
BL novels and manga XD
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