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Bleach 428

The Known

Ahh, so Mysterious Mullet Man has associates. Who are dressed like a butler and a maid. And were charmed into following him forever. THE PLOT THICKENS.

lolol poorest Jinta. He does have a point. xD If Tessai doesn't stop hitting him on the head, Jinta might not grow any taller, at any rate. >.>

omg lmao Urahara and his mysterious spirit goods. NoBackPainu wtf ahahah.

Mysterious Mullet Man is named Ginjou Kuugo, huh. Well dammit, I'd been hoping he was a Shiba. :|

But I gotta admit, he may be onto something here. Urahara is giving spirit-stuff to Karin for free? I HAS A SUSPISHN.

But how adorable is Karin with her "I'll protect Ichigo"? :( :( So precious.

ETA: the unforgivens

Not much to say about this except oh look, proof positive that Szayel and Aaroniero are actually dead. D-E-D, dead. >.> (Also, Aaroniero just really-really wants someone to be feasted upon by his Glottoneria, bless him.) Well, I know that movies aren't canon, but this is a manga chapter! Even though it sets up the movie, which has Ichigo as a Shinigami and thus can't fall within the canon arc since Ichigo didn't exactly have time for detours... unless this happens while he's passed out and still has some powers, or something. *flails*

[I might be reaching here but it's funny that one of Shuren's hench-creatures is named Gunjou (just one syllable difference from Ginjou!! *reeeeeach*). Also, Shuren looks Aizenish too. >.>]
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