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Bleach 433


The Six Fullbringers

Chad's faaace.

Kubo clearly ships it. You will not convince me otherwise unless he outright denies shipping it.

lol put away your weapon and pay me for destroying my property. :D I love this guy already. >.>

The hollows' hearts become their masks. I feel like we knew this already, but this is definitely a much-expanded explanation (if there was one in the first place).

And we finally know what Chad's powers are! omg! His mother was attacked by a Hollow when he was still fetus!Chad. I wonder if we'll hear more on the background of that. Unlikely, since Chad's family seems all gone :( [Also it's a good thing his powers didn't come from Hell. Though with how powerful he is and all the devil terms, I wonder what kind of Hollow "made" him -- couldn't have been a mere run-of-the-mill Hollow or Gillian, could it?)

Does Chad actually want to lose his powers (does he really dislike them like the others do) or is he just going along with it for Ichigo's sake? *_* Because there is a distinct lack of Chad in this panel. Just sayin'.

omg Chad couldn't even stand to look at self-denial!Ichigo. *clutches heart* sobbing. This kind of character insight is why I can't stop reading manga meant for pubescent boys. :(

lol everyone is super friendly all of a sudden.

...does that flashlight give her X-ray vision or something like that? xD

lololol oh yes. yes, he is.

(But I wonder just what exactly she used to make that determination. If Kubo's true to his usual extremely high-brow humour, I bet it's not the size of his heart.)


You guys, this series. I can't even. T_T
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