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Bleach 436

The Time Discipline

Chad is still shouting. Be still my heart. *_*

Giriko is kind of creepy. I can't decide if he's awesome-creepy (like Gin T_T omg this week's anime episode *sobs*) or just plain old creepy.

Oh, Chad. *______________* He's not just talking, he's actually openly talking about his feelings. In front of a girl. And an old man. *_* His love for Ichigo is so true. Also, his fullbring is not in the medallion!

WAY TOO MANY TIMES ICHIGO FELT PRIDE AS A SHINIGAMI. MOST PROMINENT AMONG THEM BEING TIMES FEATURING INOUE, RUKIA, CHAD AND ISHIDA. XD XD XD (but oh dear Kinney; the two appearances of Inoue in this collage will start shipwank again, won't they? /o\)

Cooooooooooooooool. It looks exactly like final!Zangetsu's guard, doesn't it? Huh, so I guess Ichigo's button-flinging from a few pages before was foreshadowing his fullbring? :D :D :D
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