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Bleach 347

Swastika Break

...why are they calling it a flange. It's a guard. o.O I mean, I get that molokidan was probably like, LOL I DON'T KNOW FROM SWORDS SO EH EENIE MEENIE MINEY MO LET'S USE THIS MEANING FOR THE 鍔 KANJI. But really Wikipedia is your friend. It's not called a fucking flange, ffs -- it's a guard, or tsuba if you prefer Japanese even though there's an English word for it. [/entitled whining]

Ginjou, why are you so pretty? It's distracting me from your profundity.

I'm having a lot of difficulty not seeing this as a really really intimate kind of conversation. >.> AND I AM FAR FROM BEING THE SLASH GOGGLES SORT; YOU GUYS KNOW THIS.

Fuuton Rasen Shuriken!!!!! [/fandoms colliding]

....shuriken fail. XD

This made me laugh maniacally for about a minute, because I imagined Naruto's face if that happened to his Rasen Shuriken. I more or less suspect this was one of the effects Kubo was going for. <3

OMG SCHEMING!ICHIGO WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. Anyone else see the resemblance to Gin? I mean, granted, I know that it's very superficial since they're both drawn with white hair even though Ichigo's is orange, but stillllllll. T_T I miss Gin I wonder if he's really dead. :(


Ok who the hell is this guy and why is he threatening Inoue? Is that first "shi" a stutter due to Inoue's hotness or is his name Shishigawara?

Also I really really really hope this is not another setup for Inoue to be captured and carried off for Ichigo to chase and save. I mean, obviously I sincerely doubt Inoue will go all Karate Cat on this dude, but even though I don't doubt this arc too will have a distressed damsel, surely it won't be Inoue again? Because really, Kubo. No, really.

Also, I dusted off my tumblr and I am kind of in love with it. I didn't have time or energy to really poke around the service back when I first created the account years ago, but the timed posting? OMG I CAN FINALLY PUT ALL THOSE FOLDERS OF IMAGES AND SNIPPETS AND VARIOUS RANDOM BITS N BOBS TO USE. *_* Just as soon as I settle on a theme.

Also, spring is coming. :)
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