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pectus_pectoris picked 6 of my icons to talk about, which I do behind the cut.

So what do Brian Kinney, Jaebaby, Byakuya's scarf, Itachi, Tatsuki, and Kazeshini have in common?
--they're all in my icons. *cymbal crash* I'll be here all week. *shot*

brian wasn't invited to the party by eye_knead_icons

[Fandom: Queer as Folk (US)] This is Brian Kinney (played by Gale Harold), one of the main characters. He is difficult to sum up, so here are some representative quotes:

"Look, I don't believe in love. I believe in fucking. It's honest, it's efficient. You get in and out with a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of bullshit. Love is something that straight people tell themselves they're in so they can get laid. And then they end up hurting each other because it was all based on lies to begin with."

"I'll be glad when Pride's over, so we can all go back to being ashamed."

"So in other words, for Justin to live here with you, he has to deny who he is, what he thinks, and how he feels. Well, that's not love. That's hate."

"I tune out self pity. It makes my dick soft."

"The only thing that's worth celebrating is achievement."

"I think you're a selfish, heartless asshole -- keep up the good work!"

"It's a difficult question to answer given the limitations of the language, the conventionality of most people's thinking. Let's just say he's the guy I fuck more then once."

"Some asshole told me that if you believe in something you have to be willing to sacrifice everything."

...let's just say I identify somewhat strongly with this character in many respects. >.> The icon keywords are a reference to a line he spoke in the scene that the icon depicts; there's no special significance to them.

jaebaby by illuminations

[Fandom: Kpop/Jpop] This is the icon that somehow always ends up on these memes whenever I do them. This is Jaebaby. His actual name is Kim Jaejoong (or Hero), and he's a singer/songwriter/actor from Korea. He used to be a member of DBSK/TVXQ but is now a member of JYJ. I only know this because I just looked it up -- I still know very little about him, though my arsenal of DBSK/TVXQ songs from back when there were still 5 of them has increased from 0 to 9 since I'd first heard of them. You might ask, "f, why the #@%! do you have an icon of this dude when you are obviously not terribly invested in the fandom?" and you would be quite correct to wonder!

The whole thing started as a joke a couple of years ago (spring/summer 2008? I know it was not long before a HP con, but I'm not sure if it was Terminus or the following year's Azkatraz /o\). There was a comment thread with cmere and longleggedgit in one of their journals -- I actually don't even remember what the post or thread was about (other than that it involved copious amounts of crack -- the internet kind), but basically the whole thing ended with me and several others starting to use this icon, leading to many a confusing thread in multiple journals where everyone was Jaebaby. There were also buttons made to be worn at the upcoming con, with the same likeness on them (I still have mine :D). I think the focus at the time was on Jaebaby and his tongue -- apparently he used to (still does?) stick it out a lot, which is of course a delightful thing by all accounts.

Yeah, I am usually this awful at remembering sequences of events long-term. YOU HAD TO BE THERE, OKAY. /o\ /o\ /o\

byakuya/renji windflower silk by charsomnia

[Fandom: Bleach] ByaRen was the first slash pairing I really fell hard for while reading Bleach -- I mean, I saw and liked other pairings before then, including Renji/Rukia -- but none of them gave me that feeling of OMG OTP until Renji challenged Byakuya. The icon depicts the aftermath of that fight, where Byakuya acknowledged Renji's worth by throwing his windflower silk scarf over Renji's defeated body. The scarf is an incredibly valuable heirloom that belongs to the head of the aristocratic Kuchiki family. I think that for Byakuya, to whom family honour is paramount, to discard the scarf for Renji's sake is a sign of very high respect. NGL it had me flailing about with a guppy face. :">

forgive me brother by ah_gfx_ahoy

[Fandom: Naruto] This is Itachi's hand reaching out to touch Sasuke's forehead after their last fight. I thought this -- bringing back Itachi's habit of flicking Sasuke's forehead when they were kids at the moment Sasuke realises his hatred was misplaced -- was one of the most incredible moments in Naruto, like, ever. For me this icon represents fannish loyalty to Itachi (rather than Sasuke). I started out as a sort of Sasuke fan, but the more his character was developed, the more I disliked him, and his decision to avenge Itachi by destroying the village Itachi loved enough to die for just completely turned me off him. I actually hope he gets killed in an utterly unspectacular way so that Naruto and Sakura can move on with their lives. So this is also a kind of "sorry, Sasuke, but you fucking suck" icon, in my mind. >.>

ichigo/tatsuki by micro_raptor

[Fandom: Bleach] I really like Ichigo/Tatsuki. It's a friend- and enemy- pairing all at once, because while the two are great friends and have been for a long time, they also have a bit of a rivalry going. (Though since Ichigo is no longer in the karate club, I'm not really sure what the rivalry is based on, but it's obviously there even now that they're in the final year of high school. It's also fun to think about Tatsuki/Ichigo rivalry over Inoue; talk about denial on both sides! xD) I'm not super invested in the pairing, though -- when it comes to Ichigo, I ship him with pretty much everyone. Except Mayuri, 'cause that's just gross.

kazeshini by freakinmi

[Fandom: Bleach] Hisagi is one of my favourite supporting characters in Bleach -- his backstory is fascinating and the resulting relationships complex in the best possible sense of the word. As much as I hated Tousen for his arrogance in assuming that his view of justice was the only correct one, obviously that is not all there was to him, because Hisagi would not have blindly, to the last, followed someone who was just an arrogant fuckwad. I think Hisagi is the only Shinigami with an open antagonism towards his zanpakutō -- maybe not to the extent it was portrayed in the Zanpakutō filler arc, but certainly enough to be reluctant to unleash Kazeshini (plus his openly admitted fear of it). But when Kazeshini is called, dayum. See icon. XD

I'm not perpetuating the meme because I am the meme killa, but here's another meme I just thought up: comment with a song* that reminds you of me, and I'll reply with a song that reminds me of you!

*Artist and title are enough; youtube link a bonus -- no uploads, please; public post and all that.
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