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Present Past and Future

0001 - Libya (not cutting. cope.) What's Happening in Libya Explained is a primer on the situation that gives the very basic historical background behind the current conflict.

The Libyan government is reportedly trying its best to prevent information about the uprising from reaching foreign eyes and ears (the Internet's been down for nearly a week) But what leaks there have been are completely horrifying. Al Jazeera has a live blog, and a CNN reporter has apparently sneaked into Libya from Egypt.

I'm not sure how much of what I've heard is true. But I am pretty sure it's true that government forces in Libya have opened fire on unarmed civilian protesters, and they are continuing to do so, despite growing outrage from the international community. That is not okay, culture and ideology be damned to hell. Several sources have it that Libya's dictator's latest move has been to order fighter planes and helicopters to rain fire on the protesters in Tripoli. Hundreds have already died. On 680 News this morning they said that Libyan ambassadors all over the world are defecting en masse. It isn't as bare-bones simple a situation as "people struggling for freedom" -- I read here [Russian note: if you can read it, this is an angry-making article due to lots of the usual dictator-sympathising bullshit; Russian press is keeping it classy as usual] that in the current conflict, three anti-government factions have joined forces to oppose the ruling regime. If that's true, even if the government violence against protesters stops, there is a considerable risk of continued strife, maybe even civil war.

0010 - Christchurch, NZ - A massive (and shallow) earthquake has struck the region, with several dozen people confirmed dead and hundreds missing. scarletscarlet has a link round-up with lots of useful information if you're looking to stay abreast of the situation or trying to contact people you know in the area.

0011 - I made up another music-y meme (or maybe bastardised an existing one; I'm not too sure):

Pick an artist and choose a song by that artist to represent each of the last 10 years in your life (2011 counts!).

2002 - 8 Mile
2003 - No Love
2004 - Lose Yourself
2005 - Fight Music
2006 - The Way I Am
2007 - Keep Talkin'
2008 - Rabbit Run
2009 - How Come
2010 - Cold Wind Blows
2011 - Not Afraid

Feel free to play in the comments or repost to your journal if you like it. :D

If I keep this up I'll have to stop claiming I'm the meme killa, dammit >.>
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