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Bleach 438

Knuckle Down

Ok, these two are kind of cute. >.>

Ewww. Eau de Riruka. Literally. (I love how pleased with herself she looks in the next panel; a bit like a baby who's discovered her own poop for the first time. >.> *shot*)

jfc, you two, just make out already. I'm sure the others won't mind.

This needs to be on a motivational poster saying "ICHIGO: Pretty even when wiping snot off his face."

...what? It does. >.>

At first I thought this was Ichigo's phone suddenly ringing and was like, wow, he must've really been expecting that phone call!

Then I noticed that it was the badge and thought for a split second that perhaps the strain of materialising his Fullbring has sent Ichigo off the deep end and he would now go around trying to talk into random objects to communicate with space aliens.

Then I read on. >.>



I wonder if it's real-time or if it's an echo of a past event. Why don't I have time to search through the manga so far to find if Rukia has already used those words? Not that it wouldn't be a futile exercise, since even if she did, another translator might've used different phrasing to express it. Bah.

(Hmm, wasn't there a "text version of Bleach manga" somewhere -- I could've sworn I've come across it somewhere on LJ once years ago... but it was way out of date back then, so probably even more so now. Life hard. :|)

IT'S INOUE IN SHOUJO-VISION. I LOVE YOU, KUBO. ♥ I need to supplement my Inoue icon with another one; hopefully some nice fan colourings from this chapter will show up soon.

lmao Inoue's faaaace. I want to think she's being all, "is this guy for real? that kind of talk is, like, sooo two years ago!" Or maybe she really still tends to expect the best of people and can't believe her ears. Or, depending on the specific Japanese verb used, she thinks he's propositioning her and is all "" Sigh.

You know, I don't think we've ever seen Inoue actually angry before. I mean, she's looked determined and stoic, but here she's actually pissed off and you can tell.

What's she doing? She looks less pissed off than before, and she is either reaching for something or touching the strap of her bag. I hope she takes the bag off her shoulder and beats Shishigawara with it. >:D

AUGH NOT ANOTHER PRETTY SUPERVILLAIN. GAH, KUBO. I hope this one doesn't turn into a butterfly.

Goddamnit Inoue had better be okay. T_T Come on, next week!!!
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