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I has several angries.

0001 - If you are human, alive, and were raised by humans, you have a bias. No, you are not a special snowflake capable of total objectivity because you've told yourself a bunch of times that you are.

0010 - To claim that someone did imply something requires you to be able to read their thoughts. If you cannot in fact read a person's mind, you do not get to tell them about their own thoughts. An implication is something you extract -- it may be what a person meant, but you can't know they meant it unless you ask first.

0011 - Your backyard BBQ steak extravaganza probably smells really fucking foul to your vegetarian Hindu neighbours, so quit your bellyaching over the smell of their food. If you don't like encountering the smell of ethnic food in a multicultural society, go back to Jolly Old Wherever the Fuck You're From.

0100 - When shovelling your driveway after a plough's been through (and won't return because the snowfall is over), you put the snow on the lawn or on top of/over existing snowbanks. You do not throw it out into the fucking road, you complete and utter jackass.

0101 - There's nothing life-affirming in wanting to influence the lives of others based on your own belief system. If you must call yourself pro-something because being anti-something has too much negative energy for your delicate ego, call yourself pro-fetus.

Do you has an angry?
Tags: rant

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