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Bleach 439

Keen Marker

Well, pretty much, yeah. xD I love the hair colour Kubo chose for her. :3


and his little faaaaaaace ♥

wahh, Ichigo looks so sad :(((

Also, why is Ginjou bowing?

Tsukishima Shūkurō. Looking less pretty and more villainous. I like this development. >.> Interesting scar, too -- I wonder how he got it and whether it has anything to do with his attitude problem. (Considering this is a shounen manga, my money's on "yes".)

Now we know two things for sure -- Tsukishima is a Fullbring user and he is aware of what a zanpakutō is. I mean, I don't see any other reason for him to categorically deny that his sword isn't one. Kubo's usually pretty straightforward with things like that, and if a character is meant not to know something, he's pretty much guaranteed to anvil that into the narrative. So in this case, if Tsukishima were clueless about zanpakutō, he would've been "what the hell's a zanpakutō? this is my Fullbring!". I mean, it's also possible that Tsukishima is the type who will not openly admit to not knowing anything because it might make him look like a fool, but frankly, Kubo's very rarely that subtle.

Funny that Ginjou has never mentioned to Ichigo that not all Fullbring users are in league; the way he'd talked back when he explained everything, it had certainly sounded like they were all one big happy family looking to get back to its trufax human roots. The plot thickens!

Oh, Inoue, ILU. ♥♥♥ She says it's not to protect Shishigawara, but come on, her explanation is beyond flimsy. I mean, what difference does it make to her if Tsukishima flattens Shishigawara if her beef is with Tsukishima as she clearly says?

I also think it's already plenty obvious that Inoue is not the same as before -- she would have stepped in front of someone about to get hurt in the past, too, but she would have angsted about it at least for one panel first, because she had like, zero self-confidence back then (and everyone always rushing to her rescue probably didn't help with that). I am really pleased to see her like this. :D

(Also, Shishigawara is fucking annoying.)

I don't believe I shall ever tire of shoutyface!Chad. :3 And yeah, I can see the set-up for impromptu Inoue!rescue, even though she might not actually be in need of a rescue (because what if her reiatsu feeling strange is just her going all Tsubaki on Tskuishima's skinny butt, and Chad thinks it's strange because he's not used to it? HEY I CAN HOPE UNTIL KUBO PROVES ME WRONG. >.>)
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