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I've been working on setting up a Tumblr to celebrate great female fictional characters of the last 2 decades (it's here but it's empty right now; I hope to start posting stuff - 5 a day - later this week, and opening submissions once I'm down to the last 50).

I have a list of over 300 of my favourites that I'm going off, but most are from movies and anime/manga, and I'd like to alternate equally between sources for as long as I can.

SON OF ETA: Okay, there have been so many TV and book suggestions that I think I will need more movie and anime/manga suggestions anyway, so this is hereby a free-for-all. *\o/*

SECOND COUSIN OF ETA: omg you guys are AMAZING -- I now have WAY more tv and book characters than any others, so please go heavy on the movies, animanga, video games, comics, and cartoons -- especially the latter three (as well as any other sources -- e.g. radio shows, theatre/musicals).

Also I would love to feature more characters from non-English canons (films and TV made outside the USA (jdrama, kdrama, telenovelas, etc), plus books and comics), so if you can rec any, please do! (However, for books, as below, please supply a representative quotation)

So, please help? Just comment with your favourite (humanoid - no animals, fish, or plants, please) female characters (as many as you want) from television, books or any other media that isn't movies or anime/manga (e.g. comics, cartoons, theatre, video games -- [ETA: ESPECIALLY VIDEO GAMES]) ANYTHING released between 1991 and 2011 (or, in the case of TV/book series, if episodes/installments featuring the character aired/were published during that period).

Name, source, and year of release are enough*. Please feel free to link this around to anyone you think might be interested in contributing; the gap is not one I'll be able to fill on my own without devoting several years to reading/watching various things that may not even interest me in the first place. >.>

I will add the names that don't overlap to my list to put in the Tumblr queue, plus link to your LJ (or Tumblr, if you have one and provide it in your comment) from a credits page.

Please note that I do not distinguish between "problematic sources" and "progressive sources". I define a "great" female character as anyone who has inspired me, whose actions or words moved me in a way that lasted, or who is memorable to me in an empowering way -- your definition doesn't have to be the same, and we don't have to agree on what's inspiring, lasting, or empowering. I'm open to all suggestions as long as your definition of "great" is not limited to "she looks real pretty" (or worse, "I want to fuck her brains out").

Thank you. ♥

*If you're submitting a character from a book that hasn't been translated into English, please provide a representative quote if you can -- otherwise I will only be able to post the character/book name plus maybe a link if I have any familiarity with the language.

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