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Bleach 442

Unrelated: yesterday's post is open to all sources now (including movies and anime/manga) because TV and book characters now vastly outnumber all others. *\o/* (Also the list is at over 700 now instead of the ~300 it started with ♥♥♥)

At any rate, JUMP IS BACK!!! :D :D :D

Battlefield Shallows, Otherfield Abyss

Oh, what's this? Riruka dislikes lacks interest in Jackie more than she likes she's interested in Ichigo? I want to know the background, omg. I mean, I know we'll find out sooner or later, but. :3

I am starting to think that perhaps Tsukishima left the group because he and Ginjou couldn't agree on who was the prettiest.


L-Lenalee? Is that you? You've cut your hair! >.> Someone's been reading D.Gray-man for inspiration.

I did not ship Chad/Inoue until this moment.

UGH INOUE HOW ARE YOU SO FUCKING ADORABLE :((( SHE WALKED RIGHT INTO AN IMMOBILE OBJECT, AHHH DEAD OF CUTE. (Also, ow, but she seems unhurt in the following panels so I'm guessing it really wasn't a big deal).

OK, now that is interesting. Maybe Tsukishima's fullbring implants fake memories? I want to knoooooooooooooooooooow.

Last arc's running gag was people losing limbs left and right. This arc, it's people drenched in bodily fluids. Considering the alternative, I'll take the bodily fluids, I think. Though I sure hope Kubo keeps it contained to just snot. >.>

Well, Tsukishima, you are very pretty, and Ichigo is awfully young, so I'm guessing Ginjou would not like it if you laid a hand on his underage boyfriend.
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