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Fic for Bids

Bidding at help_japan is now closed. Many thanks to everyone who bid on my listings! ♥ If you won, please follow whatever procedure the comm asks for -- if you have questions for me, I'm always reachable via comments, LJ PM or e-mail. ♥♥♥

(I left comments for all of you earlier in the comm, but I'm not sure if you got them e-mailed since they were being screened. :S) ETA: Yay, they got e-mailed. :3

And now for the fic offer part. I imagine it'll take some time for the mods to tally the final donation totals, but that's only necessary for the final word count. So, in the meantime, feel free to leave your prompt + link[s] to your bid[s] below. It doesn't matter what you bid on, how much $ you bid, or if your bid[s] won or not.

The prompts are one per customer (not per fandom), but if you bid 10+ times (including multiple bids on the same auction), you may submit one extra prompt (2 total). 20+ times, 2 extra prompts (3 total). 30+, 3 extra prompts (4 total). And so forth. :)

Available fandoms: Harry Potter, Bleach, Reborn, One Piece, Gintama

As with the auctions, I'm open to a hell of a lot more than I would be open to in an exchange or a fest (including pairings I wouldn't normally write), but if I have a problem with your prompt, I will let you know and you may submit a new one.

I will collect prompts here until next Thursday (April 07), and then I will put up a poll with all the prompts for each fandom, should there be more than one. That will stay open for another week or until the final tally of donations at help_japan has been announced (whichever takes longer). Once the tally is up, I will take the winning prompt(s) and write (X divided by Y) words for that prompt, where X = total help_japan donations and Y = number of fandoms for which prompts are submitted. (If any fandom has just one prompt submitted, then I'll just write that and there will be no poll for that fandom).

Additionally, I may write drabbles/flashfics to your prompt regardless of any of the above, but that depends on stuff like inspiration, time, my caffeination levels, etc. :3

ETA April 07: Closed! First report of closed auctions says $45,743.10 raised; since some auctions are still open and some may remain open for a long time, I will wait another week and use whatever total is current as of April 15th. *\o/*
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