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The latest updated grand total at help_japan has been posted: $61,379.06, which I will round up to $62000 for my sanity's sake (have you ever tried to write 30689.53 words? >.>). Here are the two fics I will write (per this offer; prompts submitted here) before the end of the year @ 31K a pop:

0001 - For pectus_pectoris: Gintama, Gintoki/Hijikata; - Gintoki changes/clears Hijikata's perspective on many things, sometimes inadvertently and sometimes intentionally.

0010 - For silyara: HP, Harry/Draco; As the world heals post-war, Draco tried to avoid Harry Potter like the black plague, and Harry pretended Draco Malfoy didn't exist. So why was it they kept on crossing paths?

If either of you ladies has extra requests to go with your prompts, please either comment with them or write me a PM/e-mail, otherwise I'm gonna start plotting. *\o/*
Tags: fandom:gintama, fandom:hp
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