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I do not like those looks on their faces. As much as I'm happy to see Urahara, he looks way too depressed. :\

Is that the Kurosaki clinic they're about to enter? D: And that sword in Isshin's hand looks very strange; that isn't a zanpakutou. I wonder what happened to the owner of the Mysterious Foot of Doom.


Whoa there, Ichigo; coming on a little strong, are you? >.> Even Ginjou's astonished.

Aw. :(

I mislike the look of Ginjou's shifty eyes, though.

I am officially creeped the fuck out. That's even worse than Mayuri! Why does Tsukishima have to be so pretty.

Wow, so Riruka thinks of Tsukishima as a past lover? Heh heh heh. I wonder if that means something, as he clearly doesn't just make all pretty women think he's their former lover. (e.g. Inoue thought of Tsukishima as a "friend" before, not anything else, and Inoue's way hotter than Riruka.)

"And since everyone thinks we're insane anyway, let's fuck, whaddayasay?" no doubt what Ginjou is thinking. *flees*

Wah. I, uh. I think that's the scariest face Ichigo has ever made. He actually looks kind of... IDK, it's hard to tell, obviously, since it's a still picture, but as if he'd do it himself if it meant putting things to rights. But Ichigo was never a killer; he was more bitter over Ulquiorra's death than he was over pretty much anything else. It's just not a shounen hero trait, either. I wonder if Tsukishima's affected Ichigo, too, somehow? :S

From the astonishment on Ginjou's face, I gather this was not part of his cunning plans at all. Looks like Tsukishima has had at least Yukio in hand before this point.

Interesting. Why isn't Ishida with the rest of the party? He was stabbed, too, wasn't he? Nearly lost an arm, IIRC. Or was Tsukishima trying to kill him for some reason and hadn't bothered with this ability? But we've had panels of Ishida looking Mysteriously Ominous for a while now, so maybe that's not it. AHHH KUBO SO MEAN.

Wow. Kubo rarely bothers with scenery/backgrounds but when he does, holy hell.
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