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...for the night is dark and full of turnips.

I just finished it. Quick reactions; I'm going to reread it soon and maybe make a less disjointed post.

MY BABY GIRLS ARE STILL OKAY. DANY AND ARYA AND ASHA AHHH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Well, at least it looked like things were looking up for Dany and Arya, though I'm a bit worried about Asha.

Tyrion was amazing as always. ♥ New standouts for me were Val, Missandei, Ser Barristan, and Aegon (OMFG! AEGON! :D). Sad that there was no Sam and very little of Brienne (I wonder if Jaime's going to die or if he's going to be killed and resurrected to serve Catelyn -- that seems like what happened to Brienne.) Jaime and Tyrion are really the only Lannisters I give a shit about, so I hope he survives in some fashion -- they have to have another face-off! >.>

I refuse to believe Jon is dead. I saw the betrayal coming, but GRRM totally trolled everyone with both Asha and Tyrion in this book (and Theon and Davos in the last one!), so I am going to assume that there will be a "Jon" chapter in The Winds of Winter where he wakes up wounded but alive. ;_;

Jon's parts were some of my favourites in the whole series so far. I thought it was a bit abrupt, how he turned from the young man still full of doubt about his place in the world into Mr Hardened Commander of the Night's Watch, but whatever, fuck it, I'm so proud of him. ^_^

I'm not sure what to make of Ramsay Snow/Bolton, tbh -- he is just so over-the-top evil with zero redeeming characteristics that it almost feels like he was dropped into the world from another series. Victarion's no prize either, but it is at least possible to sympathise with his resentment of Euron, whereas Ramsay is just, ugh. One of the things I have always really liked about ASOIAF is that nobody is one-dimensional, and Ramsay so far is just... scary, but boring, if that makes any sense -- he's predictable, which actually makes him a lot less scary than Roose Bolton.

I think his letter to Jon lied about Stannis, because he assumes that Theon and Jeyne are at the Wall, but the Iron Bank dude brought them to Stannis's camp, and if the northmen had defeated Stannis's army, they would have found them or at least had word of them. I think he does have Mance (which, I was so happy that it hadn't been him grovelling in Melisandre's fire, omg.) since there is no way he could have known the number of spearwives who'd come with Mance otherwise. I wonder if Ramsay can break Mance the way he broke Theon? It's also possible that Asha had made off with Theon and Jeyne for the wall before anyone was the wiser and Stannis's army was smashed, but Asha had no reason to make for the Wall; her ironborn were there and they'd probs make for Torrhen's Square to board ships.

As for Varys, I FUCKING KNEW IT. :D But it confuses me why he was going to carry out the order to have Dany killed way back when if he's been secretly supporting Targaryens the whole time -- but perhaps that is something that will be explained later.

Is it can be The Winds of Winter tiem nao? T_T If that one also takes 6+ years, I will be so sad.
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