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Japan Videos

I've finally started sorting through my pics, and got the videos out of the way first -- they uploaded while I was off getting Bella serviced, so here they are.

The first one is from Day 4 of the trip, when we went to eat okonomiyaki in Osaka Station City. After that, we ducked outside so Snow Peas (XD) and I could have a smoke, and, in addition to giant Pokemans (not pictured), we saw this fountain display, which really needs to be seen to be believed.

The second one is from near the entrance to the Daisen-in sub-temple of the Daitoku-ji in Kyoto; the cicadas were so loud that I just had to take a video, which in the end doesn't at all capture how amazing that place is -- despite the cicadas all but roaring, it's absolutely tranquil.

The last one is kind of boring just by itself, admittedly. The Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum is a 1:1 replica of a section of Tokyo in the year 1958. I think I took more photos here than I have ever taken at one time in any one place, because when I say replica, I don't mean cheap window dressing -- the attention to detail is incredible. It was like seeing really amazing, true-to-character cosplay, if buildings could cosplay. I'll probably babble about it more when I have pics up, but yeah, it was fucking awesome. The video captures the sounds from an overhead speaker inside a little lift cubbyhole that led to stairs; from what I understood, those sounds were originally recorded at an actual Tokyo train station in 1958.

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