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Bleach 463

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Why is Ginjou still so pretty? Stupid Ginjou. >.> Also, I am not sure what is so special about Sushigawara-kun's ability but I look forward to finding out, strangely enough. Just as soon as I find out about Byakuya and Renji, that is. >.>


What IS that on Ikkaku's shoulder?


lol Giriko, you must be new.


A confused Ichigo is very pretty too. :3

lol wut. I am not entirely sure what is going on here -- were the people Ichigo cut down replicas or are they all inside the game now!

SOBBING HOW IS HITSUGAYA SO ADORABLE. I can't wait for this exchange to be animated, and I'm really curious who's going to voice Yukio. I hope there will be a "you're shorter than me!" stand-off as is common for Paku Romi's characters...

FINALLY A CLOSE-UP. That's definitely not a vice-captain's badge -- it looks like a tattoo? I don't think Ikkaku had it before. Alternatively, Yachiru may have made him put on a t-shirt with puffed short sleeves. Also, where are Yumichika and Yachiru. :|

BEST FUCKING MATCH-UP IMAGINABLE GET. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD It's been a while since I've look forward to a fight quite this much. *bounces*

Ahaha, some things never change. ♥

Well that all may be true, Giriko, but you're really new here, ain'tcha.

lolol at first I thought Ken-chan's new ability involved him saying POW as he smote his enemies and then I realised it's just Giriko being cut off because Ken-chan killed him dead. (Probably, I should say, since so few people actually die in Bleach.) I LOVE KEN-CHAN SO MUCH.

KEN-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN ♥_______________________♥

He is so fierce and badass, he deserved a macro, so I made one:

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