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Bleach 467

Luck Men

You know, I could never quite understand why Hitsugaya fans run around shouting "kyaaaaa" at the top of their lungs at the merest mention of him. Now I believe I kind of do. SERIOUSLY HOW SO FIERCELY ADORABLE, AHHHH

So... Sushigawara-kun is so expendable that they didn't even tell him about shunpo? Or could it be that Xcution never intended to fight any shinigami and so didn't bother learning much about them? (And if they never intended to fight shinigami, what's their objective really? I don't think that's really been revealed, aside from "OMG GONNA BE RLY POWERFUL NOW OK".)

Huh, I do believe that is the kanji for "dragon". Which makes sense given his bankai form. Also, it is almost certainly a tattoo. AHAHAH INSTANT HEADCANON: RENJI TOTALLY DRAGGED IKKAKU OFF TO THE TATTOO PARLOUR DURING A NIGHT OF DRUNKEN SHENANIGANS.

Translation: Yumichika's been getting laid a lot.

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