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Bleach 469

Rag Lag Rumble

You know, I feel like a complete numpty, but I never even considered the possibility that Senbonzakura would be capable of harming itself if its petal-blades were to slice each other. Not that that's what Tsukishima is actually talking about, but still!

Aw, but you could at least try them, Byakuya. >.> (He just looks so cool when he does his special techniques, I can't help it orz) One thing I don't really understand is why Tsukishima didn't just become Byakuya's "friend" the same way he did with Ichigo's gang -- wouldn't it be easier for him to take out the other Shinigami with one of their strongest on his side? Hmm.


Oh, Rukia. *_*

Riruka's inferiority complex?

CANNOT. BREATHE. I am not sure if this is partly a clever ploy on Kubo's part to produce even more cute Bleach plush merchandise, but I APPROVE. As does Riruka, apparently. XDD

...wait, that was it? Waaah. ;_;
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