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Bleach 470

PSA: LJ techs have fucked up in a potentially massively privacy-breaching way. I am not interested in discussing this here in my journal. If you have thoughts on the subject, please direct them elsewhere -- e.g. the roundup post I linked, the UFB entry, the lj_releases post, or LJ support (lol), or LJ's Twitter. If you absolutely must discuss it with me personally for some reason (though I have absolutely nothing constructive to say on the subject), e-mail or PM, kay? Thanks. :) ETA: Addressed by LJ Support.

Now, on with the show.

Pray for Predators

I am actually not sure whether I should lol or sob at this point. LOOK AT THE TAIL! *thud*

Huhhh that is very interesting, because it means that essentially the dolls Riruka uses act similarly to the way gigai do. Except for the part where, well:

I shouldn't laugh, dammit; I really shouldn't laugh! >_> basically, Riruka's dollhouse thingamabob traps a person inside those dolls as a body, not as a spiritual being.

A-Aizen? Is that you? :O I think Kubo may have been traumatised in some way by a person with a wavy stray lock that fell over their forehead.

ILU ICHIGO. *_* (It's kind of amazing to me that he actually waited a bit to see what plan Ishida would come up with instead of just heading on into the fight anyway. :D)

Ishida, bless your earnest little face. T_T But you know he never listens >_>

This pretty well mirrors my reaction to anyone other than Ichigo being able to use Getsuga Tenshou. ;_;

AHHHHHHHH I HOPE THESE TWO NEVER CHANGE. Also, Ichigo has a point. >.> Ichigo always has a point, okay; it's not like I don't admit I'm a fangirl.


Though, if Ginjou is able to use Ichigo's own attacks due to having absorbed his reiatsu, does that mean he can use Ichigo's Hollow powers, or are those completely gone? I am REALLY curious to see how this plays out.

Ok, blah, blah, I look forward to the Xcution backstory, but THIS IS TOO FUCKING SAD/CUTE FOR WORDS. RUKIAAAAA T_T when will the plushie versions be available for sale?
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