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Bleach 471

Pray for Predators 2

Kubo Tite calls forth a barrage of Creepy Little Boys, dealing OVER 9000 damage!

Oh, Giriko's a real prize. D:

This is actually something that's always bothered me about the universe -- children, for all that we cry that it's for their "protection" and "own good" and whatever happens to be the catchphrase of the day, are unconsciously considered lesser and weaker and arguably not fully human until they reach a completely arbitrary (since it varies by country) age marker. (Not saying all adults think that way, but it does seem to be some kind of weird default.)



... basically, Jackie is the only one of the Fullbringers/Xcution who isn't a complete psychopath!

Aw, I was hoping Rukia could be a stuffed bunny-devil for a little while longer, but this is fine too. >.> Looking forward to next week especially because of the promise of Byakuya vs Tsukishima. *_*
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