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do you have any idea how stupid we are? don't underestimate us!

First lines of 2011 meme, stolen from arabwel (excluding fic and TGIF polls -- by the way, those haven't been happening because I haven't been at work for a bunch of Fridays, go me. I'll do one this Friday to wrap up the year \o/)

January: omg you guys!!!!
February: RUN DON'T WALK.
March: If you are human, alive, and were raised by humans, you have a bias.
April: After a year-long hiatus, anime Gintama returns to air in just over 12 hours. \o/
May: I'm off tomorrow, so no TGIF poll or ticky boxen this week.
June: Not a great translation job by ZoneManga, but Mangastream's apparently more interested in Reborn this week*, so.
July: (I wonder which bond -- Ichigo's bond to his friends/family, or his bond to Soul Society, or Tsukishima's bond on his victims?)
August: Japan was incredible.
September: Most of them are in a collection here.
October: You know, I could never quite understand why Hitsugaya fans run around shouting "kyaaaaa" at the top of their lungs at the merest mention of him.
November: Kubo Tite calls forth a barrage of Creepy Little Boys, dealing OVER 9000 damage!
December: OK, I know, shocking revelation and all that, but I can't help imagining Ginjou in some bar in Soul Society, trying to pick someone up with "Got any Hollow in you? No? Want some?" /o\

Also, since this is the thing to do now apparently, IDK if I'm going to switch to Dreamwidth. I have a love/hate relationship with it -- love the responsiveness of the admins and the old-school LJ feel combined with extra features like reading lists, larger post limits, etc; hate the creepy evangelism even though that has nothing to do with DW itself and everything to do with the individual evangelists, so IDK. It would also mean I'd have to seriously think about a new layout that I wouldn't hate seeing every day, plus I'd have to give up most of my icons unless I became a paid user... and I have no desire to think about that kind of stuff right now. I don't want to crosspost, either, so IDK, gah.

I don't hate LJ's new commenting system but I'm not a roleplayer or a user of kink/anon memes/high-traffic comms like ONTD/FS/etc, so the subject lines/thread expanding are utter non-issues for me. I don't use LJ on my Droid because there's no app for posting/commenting and I never use Web interfaces for anything while mobile. I do greatly dislike the new default post formatting, the huge header lines for post titles and the Arial, ugh. I am utterly disappointed with how LJ has handled the users' concern, not to mention how they shoehorned in a major, functionality-breaking update to a site used by thousands per day after barely two weeks of beta testing... but I have a permanent account, I haven't paid a cent to LJ in years except for the odd V-gift here and there, and I'm far more active on other platforms anyway. Bah. IDK! *flaps hands* What are you guys doing!

In other news, Gintama is flawless and every other story except Bleach should just go home. That's just how I feel; haters to the left. I'm a creepy Gintama evangelist; deal with it.
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