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I was going to do a year in review meme but apparently I am in no mood to Look Back On My Life This Year in any amount of detail. Personally it's been fairly stable except for September's news about shouldknobetter passing away; that was the lowest point of the year.

The epic trip to Japan (pics) was the highlight, and it was also great to catch up with my girls (and my favourite pocket drunkibear) at the WWoHP event in Orlando (pics).

Accomplishments, hmm. I took the JLPT (N4) earlier this month but results are not until March. I've developed and stuck to a nutritional plan and fitness program, as a result of which I've gained a bunch of muscle weight (strong like bull!) yet lost several dress sizes and am still shrinking (which is a little bit concerning since I don't really have anywhere left to shrink, so I'll have to up strength training and cut down on cardio in the next few months).

Fannishly, I did a lot of flailing on Tumblr/Twitter, kept up with my Bleach weekly recaps, wrote 1 Gintama fic (When You're Riding in a Time Machine Way Far Into the Future, Don't Stick Your Elbow Out the Window Or It Will Turn Into a Fossil; 24K words), and posted 3 terrible stick arts (first three under the crack tag). I also wrote 5 original shorts including a help_japan fill (and I have delivered on all obligations from the auction at this point).

I feel these tags sum me up quite famously, in fact.

Already had a glass of champagne to ring in the New Year in Moscow (we do this every year); now there's still an hour until the New Year in Tallinn (and then the Budapest New Year is right on its heels in 2 hours) so I am going to get a quick workout in before I become too tipsy to self-coordinate properly. I'll probably post some tiny New Year-themed ficlets/drabbles later tonight as I've done in past years, or maybe just sentences IDK.

Tags: gondor needs no tags, zombies

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