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/replies to a PM via a public post

Dear skepticarse,

I went to reply to your PM but it wouldn't let me since I think you may have LJ set to allow only people you have friended to PM you -- I went to try and comment to your LJ but couldn't see any entries. So I'm pasting my response below the cut, sorry! You did say you would like one and I have no other way of contacting you.

Thanks so much for your message. I'm really flattered that you enjoy my writing -- no worries about the hyperbole, I'm an avid and indiscriminate user of same myself so I can relate (just a bit ago I wrote in a Tumblr tag that I wanted to have a certain anime character's face's actual babies, though of course a) it's impossible to have a face's babies; b) it's impossible to have a fictional character's babies even if their face somehow attained reproductive capabilities; c) I don't actually ever want any babies, so! :D I get it.).

I think if you do end up reading more of my fics you'll discover that the Harry/Draco ones are essentially the same. The settings are always different, and there is a bunch of world-exploration and various meandering trips to the department of backstory, plus I typically mix up the supporting cast (though Blaise Zabini -is- a mainstay >.>). However, I have very particular views of both Harry and Draco that have shifted very little since I finished reading OotP, so they're usually the same in every story, just with different specific/immediate concerns.

I struggled against this when I was just starting to write in this fandom, and I tried to write different perspectives on them, but then I realised it's kind of ridiculous to try and write characters I don't believe in just to be ~different~, so I stopped. :D It's probably less noticeable if you've only read a few fics, but if you end up making your way through 10 or more, I think you'll discover that I'm a lot less versatile than you give me credit for!

Anyway I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your enthusiastic response to my stories -- it makes me so happy to know that you liked them.

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