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Bleach 482

Bad Recognition

AHAHA! I wonder who's going to voice this guy, because I am looking forward to this exchange. ^^

ICHIGO BB YOU NEVER LET ME DOWN. *___________________*

Their faces. ♥♥♥

Oh dear Kinney; his business was with Ishida, wasn't it? Considering the mask and the fact that all the Quincies were killed off, are we dealing with Quincies back from the grave for revenge? D:


Ichigo's thought process: Aw, man, and just when things were going so well with Ishida and all. Now he's going to get all emo about the Shinigami/Quincy thing all over again and I won't get any sugar for MONTHS. I'd better clean this guy out of here before he can make contact. Yep.



Aha, so their positions within the squad have not changed!

I'm not sure I'm following Yumichika's logic here but he's so beautiful that I don't care.

DUN DUN DUN! I wonder if these guys are the dead!Quincies or someone else!
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