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Bleach 483


So the Arrancar arc had a Spanish theme, and this one has a German one -- definitely Quincies, though I'm more and more inclined to think that these are Quincies-from-beyond-the-grave. It would make sense, considering they were exterminated -- and of course they'd all be too proud to admit they were anything other than Quincies, Arrancar masks or no.


Hahaha, Captain Pwnzedyou is the same as ever. \o/

Ah, so it's slightly different from Ishida's cross, so maybe they're not Quincies at all. NGL I am hoping like hell Ishida will not side with these guys. >.>

LMAO Ichigo, bless your dense little heart. I'm just guessing here, but his attacking you might have something to do with that whole kicking-him-out-the-window thing. XD

He is so dreamy. *_*

Really, the bad guys of Bleach need to do their goddamned homework before they go making statements like "lol i defeat u nao, ichigo". Is this guy new? Don't answer that. At any rate, it sounds like this guy's special attack is something that can "destroy" a bankai? I wonder how that works ahhh so many questions.

OMG NO D: Don't tell me Kubo's got a taste for killing characters after Gin and will now lay waste to the Gotei 13. T_T Nooooooooooooooooooooo.

So this mysterious new group has a name, and it's also German-sounding. Why is it still this week.
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