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Bleach 484

The Buckbeard

Fun fact: I keep reading that as "Buckbeak".

WHY IS HE SO DAMN HARD TO READ. That could be a "oh, I know who you are now" look or a "you injured Sasakibe, you bastard!" look or ANY other look. grargh.

No, Mysterious Masked Dude/tte! It really isn't! >_>

I realised after a moment that those ellipses are meant to conceal another word (namely: destroy/erase/etc), but during that moment I had some pretty ridiculous visuals of the entire Gotei 13 dancing while shouting "We Can Bankai" and "Let's Bankai!" /hangs head

Also, Sasakibe is alive! (for the moment?) \o/

Also, Sasakibe has (had?) bankai! (did we know this?)

One does not simply make Ichigo's bankai vanish.


So they aren't Arrancars, as presumably the methods of travel are as unique to the different kinds of fighters in Bleach as methods of combat and high-speed relocation.

So this is the rumoured Ice Castle/Ice Palace. I wonder about that cross-mark on the tall tower to the left. Are these guys Quincies or what!

Z-Zetsu? Is that you? You look good! What's with the face? Another guy with weird hair appears!

Ohoho. You know, boys, it's a pretty bad start to a war if you can't even agree on your mission objectives from the very beginning...

...well, dude, maybe you shouldn't be picking a fight with Soul Society then? Just a thought. >.> [I totally thought Zangetsu at first! /o\ but it clearly isn't.] Also, he is identified as "The Empire's King" in the scan and I can't find any raws, but I'm pretty sure the king over in Soul Society is called the Spirit King (but that too could be a translation thing). ...I really need to buy the series in Japanese and re-read, now that I can.

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