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So, Lana Wachowski

The Matrix was my first participatory fandom. We used a variety of ways to refer to the Wachowskis at the time: The Brothers W, The Bros, Larry & Andy, The Wachowski Brothers. They were one unit in a long legacy of cult followings for Hollywoood and indie male directors.

Because until shortly after The Matrix Revolutions came out, Larry Wachowski was a white man. Once we heard rumours of Larry's transition to Lana (this was at a time the fandom was already dying), there was the predictable backlash and deliberate misgendering one might expect (this was also back in 2003, when people online in general felt much freer about disrespecting others' identities), but most everyone agreed that if Lana wanted to be Lana, then she was Lana and that was that.

Except now that Lana's come out officially, people are calling her "the highest-grossing female director of all time". (American, because don't you know, only the USA matters.)

Um. NO.

That would be Betty Thomas (who, by the way, is #77 on the list of highest-grossing (American) directors of all time, followed by Nancy Meyers at #78 -- THAT is how far from the top female directors are). "Lana Wachowski achieved all of her success pre-transition, as a white, masculine presenting male. She achieved it all with white, male privilege and now that she has transitioned, no matter how difficult it was for her personally, she was able to do that because she had already achieved success as a white male.". Lana Wachowski also achieved none of her directing success alone; her brother Andy is part of the Wachowski unit, and Andy is a man.

I have nothing but respect for Lana but unless she tells the media to cut it the fuck out with using her transition to discount and further belittle female directors who achieved success AS WOMEN, I will lose all of it.

This is not fucking negotiable with me: if you're going to acquiesce to women's achievements within a deeply misogynist industry being erased, I do not want to know you.
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