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Fic: [KnB] Softer than Before (All the Second Chances) (Aomine/Kagami/Kuroko; NC-17) [1/?]

Title: Softer than Before (All the Second Chances)
Chapter: 1 - I'd Rather Tame a Velociraptor
Author: furiosity
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket (The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays)
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: NC-17 overall; this part PG-13 with a chance of light R
Characters: Kagami Taiga, Kuroko Tetsuya, Aomine Daiki
Pairings: Kagami/Kuroko; Aomine/Kagami; Aomine/Kuroko; Aomine/Kagami/Kuroko (pairings in order of appearance, the name order is alphabetical)
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Fujimaki owns. I only play. You do not sue.
Length: 5000 words (this part)
Summary: In which Kagami's brain is a much stranger place than he thinks, Kuroko is not as mature as everyone thinks, and Aomine is Aomine. Featuring the quest for a new dream, Aomine's questionable street fashion, bad approaches to planning the future, Kagami's failure as manga artist and his success as a real estate agent, the care and feeding of metaphorical velociraptors, militant old ladies, the requisite cherry blossom graduation party, Kuroko as the creepy drunk train guy, and Alexandra Garcia as the voice of Kagami's conscience.
Beta: None. u_u
Note: This story is about a polyamorous (triad) relationship. If you enjoy the seme/uke dynamic or have strict seme/uke preferences based on whatever criteria, this is not the fic for you. Placebo's Ask for Answers inspired the title.
Concrit: Always welcome and appreciated.

Softer than Before (All the Second Chances)
Part 1: I'd Rather Tame a Velociraptor

These bonds are shackle-free
Wrapped in lust and lunacy.
Tiny touch of jealousy
These bonds are shackle-free.
Placebo, "Ask for Answers"

It's love at first Phantom Shot.

Taiga doesn't know what it is about Kuroko's new skill that makes him go from intense focus on the game to damn near heart attack. Maybe it's the stance that draws the eye and makes the ball vanish amid the blur of jerseys and sweaty faces, the squeak of shoes and the murmuring crowd. Maybe it's the way Kuroko swept his forearm across his brow after the shot goes in, or the tiny little smile that barely touches his eyes.

Who the hell knows?

That Taiga's interested in guys isn't news to him; he's known that since forever. He just never knew Kuroko was his type. Which is just like Kuroko: he shows up out of nowhere, claims to have been there the whole time, and the only way you can forget he's there is if Kuroko wants you to.

The problem is that Kuroko's not the only person on Taiga's mind.

For months, Aomine's been the unwitting star of Taiga's bedtime fantasies. Taiga's feelings for Aomine are a heady mix of loathing and admiration; every time he looks at Aomine, he commits another part of him to fantastically detailed memory. A recently favourite fantasy is one where Taiga accidentally walks into the Touou locker room, conveniently empty save for Aomine with his top off and his shorts low enough to rate public indecency charges.

Taiga thought defeating Touou would put an end to all of that, figuring he was using Aomine as a sexual object to feel more powerful -- Alex taught him that this happened even to straight male athletes, something to do with boys being raised to think that they own who they fuck -- but his desire for Aomine has intensified instead. He doesn't want to claim Aomine's body for a plaything. He wants to know what Aomine's like when he's not sneering. He wants to know the Aomine Kuroko remembers.

Now Kuroko is in the same space as Aomine, commanding as much attention as Aomine. On top of that, it really does feel like Kuroko has always been there; Taiga just hasn't noticed him until now.

Taiga hasn't thought about what it means. Maybe when he's older, he'll think back to now and figure it out, but it's not like he would ever act on these emotions. The only fantasies he cares about bringing to life are about basketball.

My brain is weird, Taiga concludes. But I have basketball, so I don't care.

The match against Yousen continues.


It's basketball that keeps Taiga's weird brain in check all through high school: the Generation of Miracles isn't going to surpass itself.

It's not until the Winter Cup in his second year that Seirin takes down Rakuzan, though they lose to Kaijou in the semifinal. Seirin reigns at the Interhigh that year, but only because Aomine's studying abroad and Touou loses to Seihou. Seirin loses the Winter Cup to Touou in Taiga's third year.

There is bittersweet finality in the loss for Taiga: graduation is mere weeks away, and it's the last time he will play against Aomine, unless they face each other at the university level. Maybe he'll even have to wait until the professional level if Aomine's not going to university. It's not like Taiga can just ask him; he doesn't even have Aomine's mail address.

He hasn't worried much about entering a university. Scouts from various schools have approached him since the middle of second year. He picked Tokai because that's where Kuroko's going -- and Kuroko picked it because Tokai's Shonan basketball club in Kanagawa is the strongest. Taiga's only going to university to make his parents happy, anyway; business administration interests him about as much as underwater basket weaving. He wants to keep playing basketball.

Being number one in Japan, if only for a few months, turned out to be less special than Taiga expected. He has found friendship and made bitter enemies and fell in love on the basketball court: the fight to be number one was more than he found at the top.

He is waiting for a new dream.

Standing in front of the new student list boards on Tokai's Shonan campus with Kuroko by his side, Taiga feels the dream beyond the next gust of spring wind. He'll catch its scent if he holds still a little longer, and maybe it will bring him the courage to take Kuroko's hand.

"There you are, Kagami-kun," Kuroko says, pointing at the list of examinee numbers. "Congratulations."

The scout warned him not to tell anyone that he turned in a blank examination paper. Taiga figures it would be okay to tell Kuroko. Just not here. He doesn't think Kuroko would mind, but someone who could overhear them might.

"Uh, yeah," he says, scratching his nose to hide his lying mouth. "Thanks. You find yourself yet?"

"A while ago," Kuroko replies. "While you were on the phone."

"So, creative writing, huh? Congrats. Are you going to become the next Murakami Ryuu?" Taiga asks.

Kuroko gives him a level look. "If I've got to be a Murakami, I'd rather be Haruki, not Ryuu. Are you saying I'm too preachy?"

Taiga puts his hands up. "Hey, give me a break, I just used the first writer that came into my head. I've never read either of them. Reading puts me to sleep."

"Well, I like reading," Kuroko says. "Say, isn't that Aomine-kun over there?"

Taiga's stomach drops as he spots Aomine walking away from a nearby bulletin board, towering over everyone as usual. He's dressed in sweats and a hoodie and the ugliest sunglasses ever, yet somehow manages to draw every eye. He spots Taiga and begins to turn away with a scowl, and then Kuroko waves at him. Aomine's expression instantly flips to a grin, and he swaggers towards them.

"What are you losers doing here?" he asks as he approaches, slipping the sunglasses up to the top of his forehead.

"We came to ask if you want to join us in a threesome, what the hell do you think?" Taiga snaps, nodding at the student lists. He hates the way Aomine commands his attention. I already chose Kuroko. Why can't you disappear? Why can't I stop thinking about you?

Aomine's left eyebrow quirks upward. "I didn't know you two were a couple."

"We aren't," Kuroko says. "Kagami-kun's just teasing you."

"I knew that, dumbass," Aomine says, smirking. "I wanted to see Kagami's reaction, and you ruined it."

"I'm very sorry about that," Kuroko says, deadpan. "I'm surprised to see you here. I thought you were going to the same university as Momoi-san."

"As if," Aomine says. "The basketball club scouted me so I didn't even have to write any stupid exams. Plus they have an undergrad law department, and Satsuki's school doesn't."

Law? Taiga tries to imagine Aomine wearing a suit in a courtroom and succeeds a little too well as another bedtime fantasy is born, this one of Aomine stripping off a stylish lawyerly three-piece.

"But anyway," Aomine continues, "Besides all that, you told me you were applying here, and I want to play basketball with you again, Tetsu." He ruffles Kuroko's hair, and Taiga is torn between how adorable it is and wishing Aomine would keep his hands to himself.

"That would be very nice," Kuroko says, "If the basketball club will let me enter."

"Of course they will," Taiga and Aomine say together, then exchange glares of mutual loathing. Well, in Taiga's case it's less loathing and more why won't you love me back, but as long as Aomine thinks it's loathing, they'll be golden.

"Tetsu was mine first," Aomine says to Taiga. "So you'd better not think you'll have him all to yourself." Challenge glints in his dark eyes; Taiga's transfixed by it. He knows Aomine is talking about basketball, but it's all too easy for him to read too much into Tetsu was mine.

As he begins to fumble for an answer, his phone buzzes with a message. "It's from the landlord. We can go look at the apartment now, Kuroko."

"How cute -- you're moving in together and everything," Aomine says with a condescending smirk that Taiga memorises alongside all the other expressions he will mentally wipe off Aomine's face when they're good and alone in Taiga's imagination. Shit, no! I'm supposed to stop doing that.

Kuroko shrugs. "It make sense, doesn't it? We'll have more time for club practice if we live closer. Even my mother agreed. We'll see you later, Aomine-kun."

"Yeah, later," Taiga says and turns to leave despite the protestations of his inner lovesick sixteen-year-old, who would happily take Aomine's abuse all day if it means he can keep staring at the dark hollow beneath his throat.

Aomine falls into step beside him. "How far is it?"

"Right by the station-- hey, who invited you?"

"I invited myself," Aomine says and smacks the back of Taiga's shoulder with a half-closed fist. "Relax, I just want to make sure Tetsu will be fine."

"Of course I'll be fine," Kuroko says, materialising between Taiga and Aomine. "I've stayed over at Kagami-kun's lots of times, and he never forgot to feed me."

And every one of those times I thought about making a move on you, Taiga thinks, gazing at the nape of Kuroko's neck and thinking about what kind of noise Kuroko would make if Taiga licked it. If that's what Aomine's thinking about, he's right to worry. He has chosen Kuroko. Sooner or later he'll have to let Kuroko know, or their friendship will turn into a lie.

Taiga hangs back a little as they walk and glances at the faces of the passers-by, wondering what they see when they look at the three of them making their way down the tree-lined road to the campus exit. Two tall people and a regular person, you idiot. Nobody cares about you except for you.

When he was sixteen, he sometimes imagined something a lot like this, only high school-sized: three guys together in a kind of romantic three-way. Something worthy of an old-timey school manga with subtle homoerotic overtones, set in a sleepy ocean town where the people are friendly and there's a weird festival involving babies, sumo wrestlers, mud-flinging, or giant penises. Or all of the above.

The three meet on the first day of classes, become fast friends, have to solve a school-wide crisis right off the bat, swear they'll always be together, exclude girls because women aren't allowed in subtly homoerotic stories, let petty jealousies consume them and go their separate ways for a whole month, then are reunited amid much high drama. And then, just before they're obviously about to have sex or at least attempt to, the artist splashes screen tone all over the page and writes some profound words in white boxes. Maybe even a haiku.

Taiga wears a rueful grin as he catches up to the other two. This is why Kuroko's the one doing creative writing and not me. Things like that only happened in fiction; he knew that when he was sixteen and he knows it even better now. Still, he has to fight the impulse to get between Aomine and Kuroko and put an arm around each one, imagining that for a second they would both turn to him and smile.

"It's just past the convenience store," he tells Kuroko as they emerge onto the pavement of a busy thoroughfare. "The station's across the street, and there's a Maji burger joint another two blocks south."

"You sound like a real estate salesperson, Kagami-kun."

"I do not!"

"Shut up, Kagami, Tetsu's a better judge of character than you are," Aomine says in his annoying there-that's-resolved voice.

"I can judge my own character better than anyone," Taiga objects, turning into the carport next to their apartment building. "And I don't wanna hear that from someone who sounds like a person who just invites himself to places."

"That's not even funny," Aomine says, rolling his eyes.

"Accurate, though," Kuroko remarks. "Is that fat man waving at us the landlord?"

"Yeah, that's Ueda-san, he's a former colleague of my old man's."

"Connections," Aomine says under his breath. Taiga gives him a scowl.

"Ah, Tai-kun, long time no see. I hope you've been well," says Ueda as they approach the entrance. "Are your father and mother well?"

"Good morning, yes, they are fine, thanks for asking," Taiga says, bowing. "These are my, uh, well, Kuroko's the roommate; he's the short one. The other guy's Aomine, he's from our basketball team." It's weird how easily that rolls off Taiga's tongue.

Kuroko and Aomine make their pleasantries, and Ueda takes the trio down several corridors to an elevator, chattering about how exciting it must be to be starting at university, reminiscing about his own student days, and complimenting Taiga on his height. Taiga has never understood why adults make such a big deal out of young people growing; it's not like he did anything special in order to become this tall. If anything the growth of young people is depressing as it mirrors the passage of time.

When they reach the fifth floor, Ueda hands Taiga a set of keys tagged 504 and presses the ground floor button again.

"Go on in and have a look around, boys; I've forgotten some of the paperwork in my car, so I'll be right back."

"Oh, Tai-kun, how tall and handsome you've become!" Aomine says in a falsetto the minute the apartment door closes behind them. "Is he for real?"

"Cut it out," Taiga snaps, irritated less at the disrespect towards Ueda and more at Aomine using his family nickname without permission.

"You're going to sign the lease today?" Kuroko asks, sitting down to unlace his shoes.

Taiga hangs his windbreaker up and hops on one foot while he pulls his second shoe off. "Yeah, I figured I'd save him a trip to the city. All the upfront shit's already paid anyway, so it's just formalities."

Aomine gives him a dark look. "Must be nice to have Mr Moneybags for a dad, huh, Kagami?"

Taiga shrugs, uncomfortable. "Wasn't always like that," he mumbles. "What's your problem, anyway?"

Aomine flashes him a predatory grin. "Gotcha."

"Fuck off," Taiga says, moving past him. The apartment is basically one long corridor from entrance hall to balcony, with a door to the kitchen that's connected to the living room on the left, and a bedroom and connected bathroom on the right. Less spacious than the Tokyo place, but more than enough room for two. If Alex shows up, she can sleep on the goddamned couch.

"One bedroom?" Aomine asks, peering inside the dark, empty room.

"We're guys," Kuroko says. "It's no big deal."

"Don't either of you jerk off? Or do you plan on doing that together?"

Taiga's grateful for the semi-darkness of the shuttered window blinds; just thinking about doing something like that together with Kuroko makes his face burn like that of a middle-schooler with his first crush.

"Don't be disgusting," he says as they head through the living room into the kitchen. "The bedroom's got fold-out screens in the closet. Not that it's any of your business."

"There's even a place for Nigou's food and water dishes," Kuroko says, pointing at an enclosure next to the fridge.

Taiga is still not sure about living with a dog, even if it's Nigou, but Kuroko's parents have refused to take care of the mutt while he's at university, so either Nigou moves with Kuroko or Kuroko stays at home and commutes to school. But if something stupid like a feeding enclosure is making Kuroko this happy, Taiga's pretty sure he would let even a velociraptor stay.

"I like it," Aomine declares, throwing his arm around Taiga's shoulders. "It's decided: I'll also live here with you peasants."

Kuroko gapes at him. Taiga is afraid to; turning his head would put them face to face. His back goes stiff as he fights not to lean into the half-embrace.

If he's honest with himself, he couldn't have dreamed of anything better, but he can't just agree on the spot. It would be out of character and maybe even betray his feelings, which is the last thing he wants. Aomine's arm is heavy and warm on his shoulder. This puts paid to choosing Kuroko. With both Kuroko and Aomine here, he'll have to go back to drowning his feelings in basketball.

"Don't worry, I'm housebroken," Aomine murmurs in Taiga's ear. The heat of Aomine's breath and the sound of his deep voice so near draw a shudder from deep within Taiga, so intense that he has to choke back a moan.

"Don't stand so close, you're giving me the hiccups," he says, moving away from Aomine.

"Oh good, if you hiccup one hundred times, you'll drop dead," Aomine says, trying to to grab Taiga's shirt and bring him back, but Taiga twists away. In an instant, it's as though they're on the court, gazes locked together, sizing each other up and executing attack after attack via Zone telepathy. Aomine's eyes glitter in the half-darkness, and Taiga's knees feel weak.

"That's a silly superstition, Aomine-kun," Kuroko puts in, slicing through the tension.

Taiga looks away. "You'll move in even if I refuse, so do as you like."

"Tetsu, have you been giving this guy tips about the care and feeding of Aomines?"

"There are certain things about you that even a complete idiot can see, Aomine-kun."

"Who's a complete idiot?" Taiga demands, getting in Kuroko's face.

"Oh, did I say something inaccurate? My apologies."

"No, you didn't, Tetsu; don't bully him, Kagami."

The doorbell rings: it must be Ueda with the paperwork.

Taiga sighs as he heads for the door. I'd rather tame a goddamn velociraptor.


The cherry blossom front's moving faster than usual this year. The talking heads say it's in keeping with the weather, and the kooky oldsters from Taiga's neighbourhood association are gathering to protest global warming outside the police box by the train station. Taiga's going to miss those crazy old ladies a little, even if he prefers blossom viewing to worrying about the planet.

He never really got the spiritual part of this whole thing, but he looks forward to a lifetime of drinking parties just like this one. He tilts his head up to the sun and closes his eyes against its warm glare. The whole Seirin basketball team is here to see its departing members off. Of course they all think they're hilarious, so they've turned it into a mock wedding celebration for Taiga and Kuroko. They're the only two sticking together, as it turns out. Furihata's off to a trade school in Kyoto, Kawahara's going to study abroad, and Fukuda of all people got into Todai.

Six of the current team members are first-years who came to Seirin specifically to play basketball. It's still hard to believe that the underdog run-and-gun team Taiga joined three years ago has become a major force in high school basketball. Though even now, any school is yet to produce a monster like Aomine.

"I propose a toast!" Riko -- who is playing truant from her university classes to hang out with them and has already had too much to drink -- declares. "To Kagami-kun and Kuroko-kun, eternal health and prosperity in all the long years to come!"

"We're not even gay," Taiga tells her without much conviction -- nobody's listening, anyway, except Kuroko, who gives him a look of commiseration, then goes back to nursing the beer Fukuda forced on him earlier despite protests that they're all underage.

That Taiga and Kuroko are a couple has been a running joke since their first year. I wish it were true.

Taiga shuts his eyes again and drowses, letting the chatter and laughter wash over him until he hears an unfamiliar female voice join the chorus along with an all-too-familiar silky baritone. What the fuck is Aomine doing here?

"What's the matter with Kagami -- can't take his alcohol?" Aomine's voice says, closer now.

Taiga turns towards him and flips him the bird. "I can drink anyone under the table, I just choose not to."

"He's reflecting on our forthcoming years of health and prosperity," Kuroko says solemnly. "How come you're here, Aomine-kun?"

"I was just taking Marie-chan back to her hotel," Aomine says, jerking his head towards a busty redhead foreigner, whom the knucklehead Seirin upperclassmen are serenading in broken English. "After that, who knows?" He makes a crude gesture out of the young woman's sight, and Taiga's very tempted to go -- well, crawl across the picnic tarp; he's too lazy to get up -- over there and advise her to find someone who's less of a lecherous creep. "Don't worry, I'll be on time tomorrow morning," Aomine adds.

"You had better," Kuroko says. "Don't think we'll wait for you."

"Oh yeah, that reminds me, Aomine," Taiga says, propping himself up on one elbow. "Keep your special friends out of the apartment."

Kuroko nods. "Yeah, please do that, Aomine-kun."

"That's why I decided to live with you idiots," Aomine says with a smirk. "I don't like the idea of taking people home; some of them might not want to leave in the morning."

"Yeah, tell me about it," Taiga drawls. "Look what happened when we let you in."

"Kagami-kun just said something witty," Kuroko remarks with a hiccup.

Taiga punches him in the shoulder and lies back down, closing his eyes again. He still wants to go over to the Marie woman and tell her the facts of life about Aomine. His intentions are not even a little bit noble towards her. He's jealous; he's always been jealous of Aomine's rumoured carousing, but that was jealousy at a distance; he saw Aomine five, six times a year, tops. This is the first time he personally sees Aomine and his newest conquest, and it's driving him fucking bugshit. I'm just going to stay here like this until he leaves.

Five minutes later, Aomine does just that, and it turns out that Kuroko's finished his beer in the meantime.

"Kagami-kun, do you think there's any more beer left?" he asks with an eye on the cooler.

"I thought you had moral objections," Taiga says, getting up to check. He fishes out a new can and passes it to Kuroko, who promptly opens it and starts drinking like it's water.

"I got over them," Kuroko mutters with an unreadable look.

"Famous last words," Taiga says, pulling out a can for himself.

By the time the party breaks up, it's already dark outside, and Kuroko is so drunk that he's actually giggling. Taiga says a small prayer of thanks to whatever deity that inspired him to make Kuroko move his two suitcases of stuff to Taiga's apartment that morning. If Kuroko showed up at home in this state, his mom would probably forbid him to leave for university until he turned twenty.

The two of them part from the rest with promises to keep in touch, amid way too many raunchy wedding-night jokes. Aomine and his pretty foreigner are a distant afterthought; all Taiga can think about is how much he wishes tonight really were his and Kuroko's wedding night.

"Kagami-kun," Kuroko says as they sit side by side in an empty train car on their way to Taiga's place, "Is it true that gay people can get married in America?"

"Not all of America," Taiga says. "In LA they can." Kuroko's shoulder presses up against his as the train decelerates.

Kuroko makes no move to pull away. "If I married you, would you wear a wedding dress or a suit?"

"Who would marry a drunkard like you?" Taiga says. His hands are sweating; Kuroko was supposed to be a giggly drunk, not a flirty one. He would scoot aside, but he's already right up against the glass screen next to the doors.

Kuroko giggles. "I'm not proposing, just making conversation. Does the question make you feel weird?"

"Of course it doesn't, stupid." Of course it fucking does; who the hell asks shit like that while practically rubbing up against a man? " I'd wear a suit, obviously."

"Obviously because you're a guy?"

"No, obviously because I'd look ridiculous in a dress," Taiga says. "So would you. This is our stop."

He drags Kuroko into the convenience store by the station, buys some Ukon and makes him drink it. The last thing they're going to need tomorrow is become stars in the documentary Kuroko Tetsuya's Very First Hangover.

"Take the bed; I'll sleep on the couch," Taiga says when they get upstairs.

"No, I like your couch," Kuroko says, pulling his pants off. He folds them neatly and places them on top of one of his suitcases, removes his socks and folds those too, then pulls a little pouch out of a suitcase pocket and wobbles into the bathroom.

Taiga feels weird about going in to brush his teeth while Kuroko is splashing around in there. He's never had a problem sharing the bathroom with Kuroko in the past, so what's different tonight? That Kuroko's still drunk? The marriage-themed good-bye party? Kuroko's strange questions on the train?

This is my last chance to choose Kuroko before Aomine joins the party. I could still do it.

Taiga's watching the weather report when Kuroko emerges, his eyes still out of focus and his balance a bit off. "Why aren't you going to bed, Kagami-kun?" Kuroko asks. "The movers will be here at five, won't they?"

"I was waiting for you to finish," Taiga says, clicking off the television.

"Sorry, I took too long," Kuroko says. He hasn't stopped looking at Taiga since returning from the shower.

"It's fine," Taiga grunts, looking aside. An errant waterdrop rests on Kuroko's bare left thigh, and he can't stop thinking about licking it off. "I got you some bedding." He gestures at the couch, where he's laid down a sheet, one of the pillows from his bed, and a patchwork blanket. "Only things I could find. Sorry."

"Thank you very much," Kuroko says. "You're really domestic, Kagami-kun." He strips off his shirt and folds it on top of the suitcase as well.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Taiga asks, keeping his eyes firmly on Kuroko's face.

"It's a compliment," Kuroko says, flopping onto the couch. "You're way more mature than I am."

"I don't want to be complimented by you," Taiga mutters, heart not in it. He can't focus on anything except Kuroko, practically naked on his couch. This is it: the last possible moment Taiga can still choose him. He whirls around and walks to the window, pretending to look for something outside. Composure is what he seeks, but he will not find it in a spring evening.

He's flustered: why? He's seen Kuroko buck-naked a thousand times. He's touched Kuroko in all sorts of awkward places a million times: during practice games and real ones, while they helped each other stretch -- basketball isn't a contact sport but a lot of physical contact happens between players anyway. This isn't basketball, though. Basketball will save me from this.

He resolves to say good night, turns around and finds Kuroko under the blanket, still staring at him. The look in those eerie blue eyes feels as though Kuroko was just reading his mind, and Taiga shivers a bit.

"Kagami-kun, I want to tell you something, but it's a secret," Kuroko slurs. "Come closer."

Taiga wonders why Kuroko can't just say it; they're alone in the apartment. Still, in case Kuroko has a violent-drunk side to him, it's better to humour him, so Taiga kneels by the couch. Kuroko turns to face him, puts a hand on the back of Taiga's neck and draws him closer.

Instead of saying anything, Kuroko kisses the side of Taiga's mouth. Taiga sits frozen, unable to react because no version of reality in his mind is compatible with this; this is bedtime fantasy stuff, unreal, it can't be happening. Kuroko's eyes are dispassionate as he pulls back slightly, holding Taiga's gaze. He releases a breath, mint and alcohol, and draws Taiga's bottom lip into his mouth, teeth scraping wetly against delicate skin.

Taiga makes a startled noise. His heart remembers its job and starts frantically making up for the seconds during which it was stopped. Kuroko's eyes fall shut as he kisses Taiga full on the mouth, and this time his tongue flicks out, sleek and wet and very soft. It feels so good that Taiga's mouth opens in a gasp. Kuroko kisses him deeper, and Taiga gives in to him, closing his eyes and letting himself taste the minty alcohol on Kuroko's tongue.

The noises Kuroko's mouth makes against his, their laboured breathing and tiny involuntary moans -- no bedtime fantasy of Taiga's has ever turned him on this much. Is this happening?

"This is making me really hot," Kuroko breathes between kisses. He pushes the blanket aside, grabs Taiga's limp, nerveless hand, and moves it down to his waist, below it. As strong as Kuroko is, Taiga's stronger, far less intoxicated, and suddenly aware that by 'hot' Kuroko doesn't mean the air temperature.

That would be rape. Alex said that after smacking Tatsuya for talking about getting some girl in his class drunk so he could have sex with her. If that girl will only sleep with you when she's drunk, that means she doesn't really want you, so don't be a disgusting creep.

Taiga gently frees his hand. "You'll regret this in the morning." His lips sting with fire as he pulls away.

"I won't," Kuroko murmurs, his half-lidded eyes intent on Taiga's face. "Take me to bed, Kagami-kun. There's more of you I want to taste."

"Good night, Kuroko," Taiga says, pulling the blanket back up over Kuroko's chest. He's pretty sure large parts of his sanity scatter in his wake as he turns the lights out and flees to the bathroom.

It takes him a long time to go to sleep. For all that cold showers shrink unwanted boners, they also chase away fatigue. He lies very still in his bed, staring up at the shadowy outline of the ceiling fan and wondering how the hell he's going to face Kuroko in the morning.

[Part 2 - Don't Act Like I'm on Your Side]
Tags: fic:character:knb:kagami, fic:fandom:knb, fic:genre:drama, fic:genre:romance, fic:knb:softer than before, fic:length:novella, fic:pairing:aomine/kagami, fic:pairing:aomine/kagami/kuroko, fic:pairing:aomine/kuroko, fic:pairing:kagami/kuroko, fic:pov:kagami, fic:type:slash

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