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Bleach 509

Tenchi Kaijin

tbh he's got a point there

wow Yama-jii is officially not fucking around, is he? o_o

ok so I'm really glad that it's not "ICHIGO IS SUPRA-POWERFULZ" but "Ichigo's bankai is unstable". I mean I love me some supra-powerful Ichigo but lbr Yamamoto is obviously the most overpowered character in the history of Bleach. :D

Zanka no Tachi East? Superheated blade.
Zanka no Tachi West? Invisible flames.
Zanka no Tachi South? Zombies.
Zanka no Tachi North? Irrevocable burnination.

am I the only one who's seeing a disturbance in the pattern or

So this wasn't the real Juha Bach? CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER (I'm relieved tbh; for a while there it was looking like Kubo was rushing to a conclusion and I was concerned that Shueisha might have told him to wrap Bleach up faster than he had planned.)
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