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The Angels Take Manhattan

I think it's the first time I talk about DW here but hey it's fandom and it's several paragraphs of text so it doesn't really fit Tumblr. If you loved the fuck out of the episode and/or are a Moffat fan, you won't like reading this so do yourself a favour and keep scrolling.

Once again Moffat manages to ruin everything with casual misogyny.

Never let him see the damage. And never, ever let him see you age. He doesn't like endings.

The woman must sacrifice herself to protect male emotional needs and delusions! This shit is so rank it could be in a "how to be a good wife" pamphlet from the 1950s. Though I wouldn't be surprised if this guy thinks that River's words of wisdom are portraying her as a Strong Female Character™ actually. Self-sacrifice at the altar of the male is like soooo empowering, guise.

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop (ha, obviously hope always dies last) but in the end Amy does just as River advises: the doctor doesn't see the damage, and he doesn't see her age; her time with him does end, but she tries her best to sweeten that pot for him too. It's all about the Doctor and his feelings even though Amy just wants to spend the rest of her life with the guy who waited 2000 years for her.

How about writing an immortal person who ISN'T so fucking shallow and short-sighted that he can't handle death and the passage of time, so the precious women in his life don't have to pander to his insecurities? Oh sorry, I forgot this series has morphed into Moffat's own private fantasy of life as the dapper gallivanting Doctor. HEY GUESS WHAT BOW TIES ARE COOL

I hate this season and I'm really gonna miss the Ponds.
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