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describe yourself in 10 tropes

ikel89 came up with this meme - it is so fun! I highly recommend doing this even if you don't post it (though maybe not if you have an important paper due sometime in the next 48 hours - TVTropes can literally suck the time out of your life until you are blinking at the sunlight of the morning after next and wondering why you're so thirsty).

describe yourself in ten tropes:

Aloof Ally - I don't play well with others and will generally only join a team effort if someone I care about needs me to or (more rarely) if they're failing badly and could use a hand. Because I have a soft spot for underdogs. B-but it's not like I wanted to join up with you or anything, i-idiots.

Brilliant, but Lazy - There are a lot of things I'm very good at but I will do just about anything to get out of doing them unless I get amusement/entertainment in return. Or if I'm getting paid, in which case I turn into Only in it for the Money but that's only until all my debts are settled.

Cosplay Otaku Girl - Exactly what it says on the tin, though I don't refer to myself as "otaku" or use fangirl Japanese unless I'm mocking it.

I Am What I Am - I accept myself exactly as I am and don't spend much time worrying about how other people perceive me; if someone doesn't like me as I am, they can go hang out with somebody else. The downside to this is that I'm extremely resistant to change even if it's in a good direction, and when I do change, it's usually very dramatic and noticeable.

Karmic Trickster - "Normally harmless, even friendly, if left unmolested" describes me perfectly. Because of "I Am What I Am" and "Brilliant, but Lazy" it takes a lot to rile me up enough to retaliate, but when I do retaliate my goal is to teach you a lesson rather than make you feel bad. Though if I don't have a chance to retaliate immediately I usually let it go; holding a grudge is too much work.

Plucky Girl - I wouldn't say "brave" so much as "relentless"; I am the opposite of a quitter and get up one more time than I fall down. This is part of the reason I am reluctant to start new things: I know that once I have actually decided to go through with something I will not stop, but because I am lazy I just don't wanna.

The Snark Knight - This is the one trope that fits me 100% so I will just quote it: This character has a world-weary disdain for everyone, themselves included. They [...] are the type to stand aside at parties and quietly drink beer while making cold-hearted quips about the idiocy that surrounds them. To the "herd followers" they deprecate, this makes them a Jerkass. The sympathetic see their antisocial behavior as a sort of personal crusade against idiocy. [...] Snark Knight holds themselves to their own impossibly high standards. Anyone who has known me for longer than five minutes understands these things about me.

Spider Sense - I have two abilities that border on the supernatural: detecting bullshit (this is weaker when the communication is person-to-person; I'm better at reading bullshit than hearing it) and finding errors in computer code even if it's in a language I don't know. I used to be pretty proactive about calling out bullshit whenever I saw/heard it but that was too much work so I stopped.

Stoic Woobie - I have a lot of feelings but I also have flat affect owing to PTSD; the only emotion that I can convey accurately and reliably is anger. But I don't want your pity. >:O

You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry - Pissing me off is seriously not a good idea because I am guaranteed to react with disproportionate rage. I am not especially violent (and never physically so) but all filters are gone when I get angry, and other people's feelings are literally irrelevant when I'm in berserk mode. Part of the reason I prefer interacting via LJ/Twitter/Tumblr is that I recognise that I have a serious issue with losing my shit, and I'm better at managing my reactions if I have the chance to sit back and distance myself from the situation -- this is way harder via IM, chat, or in person. This and "I Am What I Am" make me a habitual bridge-burner.
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