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Bleach 524

[a note re: TGIF polls -- I only post 'em when I'm at the office. I haven't been in the office the past 2 Fridays and I won't be for the next 6 weeks because this week I'll be at a trade show and then I'm using vacation days for consecutive 3-day weekends all February >_> They will return though. :3]

anyway on with the show~

The Drop



she's such a badass I can't even

the sound of a million Unohana/Kenpachi shippers


oh i didn't expect that yelling at my screen to stop it immediately was going to work

but ok

I'm not really... IDK, I'm not on board with the whole making Unohana look completely different. Like, it was way more impressive when Kubo drew her smiling sweetly and yet she had this completely overwhelming scary aura. Drawing her with crazed eyes and wild hair is not really accomplishing anything for me.

It's like he's telling us that Unohana's appearance until now was a mask she wore to "hide" her full (if not true, since she was still scary before) identity, but IDK you can be a bloodthirsty assassin without looking like one, I'm just saying.

So it's Unohana's doing that Kenpachi pretty much can't be killed? I am looking forward to the backstory.
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