not your typical annihilatrix (furiosity) wrote,
not your typical annihilatrix

Bleach 526

The Battle

For a second there I thought it was Ken-chan attempting bankai and I was like "wait wait Ken-chan u can't do that u don't even bankai"

but i am now confuse as to what Minazuki actually does halp

it... melts the flESH?? Metaphorically?

wow deep

it turns people into skeletons????

we just don't know

damn you Kubo and your pretty arts

so this whole fight is basically Unohana passing the title to Ken-chan; even though he's been calling himself Kenpachi this whole time, he hasn't been?

does that sound right

or they could put their goddamn weapons down and have a drink

im just saying

so he took the name because he was suited for it before actually becoming it?

it kind of makes sense because even though he was super powerful he never had access to higher-level zanpakutou functions

but still i am confuse
Tags: fandom:bleach

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