not your typical annihilatrix (furiosity) wrote,
not your typical annihilatrix

LJ's varnish errors have eaten 3 polls already; I give up because I don't need the aggravation so instead story time!

I am still quit! I feel a little cheated. Like, I have stopped taking 10-min breaks to smoke every 2 hours or so but somehow I still don't have an extra hour in my day gdi. If anything I'm finding it more difficult to get shit done on time (but that might have to do with the scattershot concentration, when does that go away /tableflip)

yesterday this dude came to remove a terrified raccoon from our office balcony (long story) and as soon as my boss mentioned that I'd quit smoking recently (it was in context of a balcony-related conversation about wasps) he was like "oh really well I quit smoking and then I started again 8 years later. it's a really tough habit to break!"

I just looked at him like "..." and he was like "but you don't want to hear that do you? :D? :D?" and I was like "no it's okay, if you still had the habit 8 years after stopping, you have bigger problems than smoking, good luck with those"

(my boss is still snickering about it this morning)

hello I am f and I am pretty mean :D
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