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not your typical annihilatrix

Bleach 548

The Thin Ice

ahh i have the biggest soft spot for cowards who do the right thing anyway

Wow this is really weird! why would this specific dude come after Oomaeda??

Hmm... wait. Didn't all the captains who had their bankai stolen have their vice-captains near them? I might be misremembering as it's been a while since the first insurrection obvs but I seem to remember it was like this? Still I have no idea if that would be significant at all.


The Sternritter names are confusing. What is German about Bazz-B? It sounds like a failed rapper name.

(Maybe there's a pun on H (ecchi)? I don't know enough to tell plus I haven't seen the raw.)

dudes whose names I don't know why are you so distrustful of your captain

i bite my thumb at u


aside from IMPOSSIBLE CUTENESS I think it's super cool for captain + vice-captain to combine their powers like that! I wonder what would happen if Senbonzakura and Zabimaru were used in concert!!!

I wonder if he said "captain class" or "captains" in the raw because if it's captain class surely that would be Ichigo's Zangetsu? Then again, the old Zangetsu is gone so maybe not.

why does the headband make everything he says sound sassier

is that his new bankai
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