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au prompts?

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i'm gonna do the november writing thing again this year, though not the "random ficlets aiming for 50K total" that i did last year and ended up writing closer to 80K. that was more stressful than fun (though it was fun too) and i am not here for stress this year (plus i still have other fics i'm working on). so i am going to be writing au drabbles (100 words exactly) -- or double/triple drabbles (200/300 words respectively) if there really is no way to fit the prompt into 100 words -- throughout the month of november 2013.

i do have a fistful of au scenarios i've been kicking around in my head for years/months/weeks/days so those are all going to get some kind of treatment. but i'll run out by mid-month. /o\ so if you have any au scenarios you want to see and don't mind me writing, leave a comment! any fandom you know or suspect i'm in [except harry potter] is fair game -- i don't guarantee i'll write every single prompt but I'll try my best (some will probably go on to become longer fics in the future if the premise really grabs me). no deadline -- send a prompt any time from now until the end of november, and send as many prompts as you want.

if your birthday is in november, send me any prompt you like for any fandom [except hp] that we share, no au restriction. just tell me your birth date so I can post it on the right day :3

(no anons though, sorry. i don't do any anon request-type stuff unless there's a reveal later)

thank u ❤

because these are going to be super short, they'll be posted on tumblr with a summary table-of-contents updated here as they go up (i'll probably just add another cut to this post right here see below).

01 - A Very Doge Spring [Free! shibe AU; gen; G]
02 - Butter Wouldn't [K Project salaryman AU; MikoRei; PG]
03 - Frivolities [KnB Shuutoku beats Rakuzan AU; MidoTaka; PG]
04 - No One [KHR mecha AU; gen; PG]
05 - The Line-Up [Daiya no Ace Hogwarts AU; gen; G]
06 - The Green Room [Free! modelling AU; MakoHaru; PG]
07 - Countrymen [KnB greengrocer AU; AoKaga; PG]
08 - Whether it's dango before Independence Day or Independence Day before dango, don't go breaking the law [Gintama surprise guest AU; gen; G]
09 - Delivery [Psycho-Pass bakery AU; KouGino if you squint; G]
10 - Lowbrow [Samurai Champloo Naruto AU; Jin/Mugen; PG-13]
11 - How I Met... [Bleach high school AU; Ukitake & Kyouraku; PG]
12 - The Writing on the Wall [KnB Hana yori dango AU; AoKaga; PG-13]
13 - How Don Giovanni of You [KHR opera performers AU; Xanxus/Squalo; PG-13]
14 - Callsign [SnK utopia AU; Ymir/Christa; G]
15 - Ninnycoop [Psycho-Pass high fantasy AU; KouGino; PG]
16 - A Real Keeper [K Project Romeo + Juliet AU; SaruMi; PG-13]
17 - Best Policy [KnB college AU; KagaKuro; PG]
18 - The Violet Flower [Naruto cyberpunk AU; Sakura/Ino; PG-13]
19 - What It's Like [Free! strangers AU; MakoHaru; G]
20 - Foresight [KHR military AU; 8018; PG]
21 - Press Conference [Bleach filmmaker AU; Ichigo/Ishida; G]
22 - Roof Access [Psycho-Pass sappy shoujo high school AU; KouGino; G]
23 - Safe [K Project espionage AU; MikoRei; PG]
24 - The Drawback [KnB art school AU; AoKaga; PG-13]
25 - Sledgehammer [Psycho-Pass prison AU; KouGino; PG]
26 - Won't You Be My (Neighbour) [KnB x Free! crossover; KagaKuro & MakoHaru; PG]
27 - Bangs [K Project coffeehouse AU; MikoRei; PG]
28 - Two Blue [KnB dystopia AU; AoKagaKuro; PG-13]
29 - A Bad Idea [Ao no Exorcist culinary school AU; RinBon; PG]
30 - Highlight [SnK college AU; Ymir/Christa; PG]
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