not your typical annihilatrix (furiosity) wrote,
not your typical annihilatrix

Bleach 556

The Wolfsbane

He doesn't really look engulfed to me, more like thrown back by /pedant

she is so delightfully deranged I feel a little bad for her assured downfall

ok Kubo can u not. I get that you're trying to move the story along but why the fuck would Komamura know anything about Tobiume, and since when does one shinigami, regardless of rank, get to lecture another on the properties of their zanpakutou.

I'll take it back if it's later revealed that Komamura was instrumental in helping Hinamori get over the Aizen thing or something, but otherwise I am really annoyed by this, it's just gross paternalism with zero canon/character basis

yes i have a question? why doesn't she just turn the people she's targeting into bombs

oh you mean that would basically necessitate that the quincies win this war overwhelmingly, i see

glad we had this little chat


ye S?



Wait so beasts DO reincarnate into Soul Society? why isn't it overrun with cats and dogs and idk tigers I think this has to do with Buddhism though which I know very little about.

i love how he's just this huge doggy thing lying there in a cave and lazily pointing to a saucer

but he had to get up and get that saucer didn't he

i got your number giant doggy

komamura is legit one of the most tragic characters in Bleach :\

well hello there Thranduil

I don't really know enough about Japanese or other Asian mythology to understand what this represents but holy shamoley it's scary as shit
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