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fandomaid emergency fundraiser for the Philippines

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typhoon haiyan | buy it now fundraiser

I’ve already donated all I could yesterday, so I am doing a similar thing this year that I usually do with these fandom auction-y type things:

If you offer to create fanworks in exchange for donations OR donate over at fandomaid to any fan creator in any amount, link me to the relevant thread and give me a fic prompt of your choice (any fandom you know I’m in except Harry Potter). I will then write you a story of no less than 1000 words no later than March 01, 2014, based on your prompt. If you make more than one donation or fanwork offer (i.e. you make multiple offer threads), you can give me another prompt(s) or I’ll add another (at least) 1000 words per donation/fanwork offer to the fic for the first prompt.

Note that if donating, you don’t have to donate anything extra, and you’ll obviously still be entitled to the thing you’re donating for in the first place! If you're not donating but offering fanworks, I will still write for you even if no one donates for your work. This is just the only way I personally can take part in these things without feeling like I’m putting a price tag on my fan fiction. ❤

For the purposes of this fundraiser, the only limitations are that I won’t write Harry Potter and I won’t cross hard personal comfort boundaries (major squick, explicit het, non-con, etc) but anything else is fair game. So if you have for some reason been secretly wishing to make me write, idk, RinHaru or AoKise, this would be your chance to make that happen. :D
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