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stuff longer than 1K that I've written since ummm September, in chronological (beginning) order!

Dead Reckoning - Free! - MakoHaru, R, 65K
In which Tachibana Makoto could do with a little less introspection and a little more faith.

The Sun in Jericho - No. 6 - Nezumi/Shion, R, 19K
Ten years have passed since Nezumi left No. 6 at his back. He's seen much of the world and even found a place to call home, but his thoughts keep returning to a promise he made when he was too young to be making such heavy promises. So he decides, somewhat on a whim, to keep it. It's only to appease his conscience, of course; this decision has nothing to do with his curious inability to get a certain person out of his mind. Nothing at all.

All Alone with You - Psycho-Pass - KouGino, NC-17, 1.7K
Newly minted Enforcer Ginoza takes an unexpected detour on his way back to being safely supervised by an Inspector.

I Always Knew (I'd Find Someone Like You) - Kuroko no Basket - KiyoHyuu, PG, 1.4K
In which "clutch time Hyuuga" is not a term of endearment, but that's not what's important in the end.

Firefly Without a Light - Kuroko no Basket - AoKaga, NC-17, 9K
Aomine Daiki is occasionally a shitlord and sometimes he figures that out without needing to be told. Other times, not so much.

Something that He Missed - Bleach - ByaRen, PG-13, 3K
Byakuya had never been a believer in omens, but he couldn't help wondering if there were something... prophetic in him ending up at the public baths in Seireitei.

(Find the Right Girl) Take a Little Time - Kuroko no Basket - MomoRiko, PG, 3.4K
In which Momoi Satsuki is a really late bloomer.

enjoy~! :D
Tags: fandom:bleach, fandom:free!, fandom:knb, fandom:psycho-pass

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